Alps Goodness Joined Hands with The Good Creator Co. for Brand Awareness & Recall Influencer Marketing Campaign

Alps Goodness Joined Hands with The Good Creator Co. for Brand Awareness & Recall Influencer Marketing Campaign

Alps Goodness drove its marketing strategies along the line of influencer marketing for its hair and skin care products. This resulted in the brand positioning itself as the go-to skincare and hair care solution. Read how they did it.

Objective: To drive brand awareness and recall by creating engaging content 

The pandemic left people a little more time to focus on their well being healthcare, including skincare. Alps Goodness used this opportunity to establish its brand as a skincare solution provider in the market. For this, they partnered with The Good Creator Co. to launch an impactful influencer marketing campaign.

Strategy: Create good quality content with the help of YouTubers that provides value to the viewers

The campaign ran for 15 days in which each video was posted on separate dates. Content was created keeping in mind the requirement for a better reach targeting a specific audience base. The products in focus were Alps Goodness’ toner, facial kit, hair fall preventing shampoo, under eye gel, serum, face wash and night cream. 

A total of 5 YouTube creators, both Micro and Nano were onboarded. The products were divided between these influencers keeping their content type and style in mind. The content focused on generating brand recall as a brand where it brings the goodness of natural ingredients along with contemporary concoctions made with utmost love and expertise for our skin, hair and well-being. 

To build the trust factor and show the usage of the product, influencers used it themselves on the video. They talked about how skin care is a necessity in today’s times, especially during summers and how hair fall is a phenomenon all of us are struggling with and how one can effectively solve this. What was more interesting about the campaign was, we onboarded an influencer with regional audience and content. This helped Alps Goodness tap into a new market with new consumers to focus on. 

The response was amazing. Best performing videos were by Ritu Rathee and Karina Bedi yielding 12K and 9K views respectively. Don’t miss out on the hashtags that were used, some of them were #AlpsGoodness #antihairfall #undereyegelforwrinkles #Acneskin

Result: With mere 5 videos Alps Goodness was able to gain new customers 

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