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An ecosystem where your talent meets the best brands and resources to strengthen your impact. Enjoy seamless data-based tech, access to masterclass from industry leaders, guidance and resources to help you make cutting edge content and more.

And that’s not all, join our creator programs to get unlimited access to The Good Glamm Group’s products and the most important of all, get your content viewed by millions of people. The creator revolution has begun, you in?



The Good Creator Co. brands are built over powerful technology and analytics to seamlessly provide a creator all the tools and resources required to help them scale up their content effectively


Signed Up Influencers

1 Million+

Influencer Database

500 Million+

Social Media Users Tracked Globally

15 Million+

Monthly Active Users


Founding Team

Good things happen when industry leaders join hands to launch India’s Largest Creator Ecosystem

Malini Agarwal

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Founder & Creative Director, MissMalini Entertainment

Nowshad Rizwanullah

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CEO, MissMalini Entertainment

Mike Meli

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CRO, MissMalini Entertainment

Subrat Kar

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CEO, Vidooly

Nishant Radia

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CMO, Vidooly

Ajay Mishra

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CTO, Vidooly

Rahul Singh

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CEO, Winkl

Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, Good Creator Co.

Co-Founder & CTO, Winkl



Help creators level up

Providing tools and guidance to help creators grow their audience by creating cutting-edge content.

Tech-enabled solutions for brands

A 360 degree integrated marketing platform to provide a full stack of services - from conceptualization to end-to-end execution

Create an end-to-end platform for creators

As a creator you get access to exclusive masterclasses & an opportunity to connect, collaborate & learn from fellow creators via chat groups & forums

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