How to use Influencers for New Year Campaigns: A Complete Guide for Brands

How to use Influencers for New Year Campaigns: A Complete Guide for Brands

Oh, isn’t the festive season the best time of the year, filled with love and happiness but with opportunities, too? Call me marketing-minded, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay ahead in the game. To be biased, New Year is my favourite of all the seasons. It’s a new beginning, a clean slate to engrave your name in your customers’ minds forever. However, most brands wonder how to use influencers for New Year campaigns. 

I mean, have you ever missed Myntra’s Diwali, Christmas, New Year or any other sale? NO! There’s a reason why not. Because the marketing is sooo good, you just can’t!

Myntra collaborates with several influencers, from Macro to Micro-influencers, and releases ads across all major social media platforms. So if you’re wondering how to use influencers for a new year campaign this year, you’re in for a ride.

Take another example of a globally operating American fashion house, Calvin Klein. In 2019 as a part of its Christmas and New Year campaign, it threw a party inviting celebrities, Youtubers and influencers. The brand asked macro influencers to post an unboxing video of their gifts on their profiles with hashtags #CKHOLIDAY#MYCALVINS. This pushed the audience to get Calvin’s for their loved ones. 

What does it tell you? To plan a New Year influencer campaign if you haven’t already. 

I’ve created a complete guide on how to use influencers for your New Year campaigns. Take a look – 

Double up your Gift hamper sales using Barter Campaigns

Barter campaigns are where influencers are given products or services in exchange for brand promotions. There are no monetary benefits involved for the influencer. You can send the product directly, or the influencer can make a purchase directly on your website and reimburse them, or you can share a coupon code through which they can order directly without paying.

This is the most advantageous and fruitful for brands wondering about the campaign’s effectiveness or dealing with budget crunches. The holidays are all about gifts and good food. Collaborate with influencers who can create content and bring a new customer base and audience to your brand. Content can be created around gifting hampers.

A scaled-up barter campaign can increase mass awareness/engagement using 100+ influencers. 

This New Year, you can send hampers and gifts to a selected few influencers (from your niche), asking them to share it on their social media platforms with their followers. Turn on a new leaf using influencers correctly for your New Year campaign. 

A personal touch is all it takes: Livestream videos

The idea was seeded in China, where the concept is currently flourishing, making it a future of influencer marketing. It’s a great way to stay connected to your audience and serve a feeling of personal touch. 

It’s become crucial to cater to your customer’s needs, and a New Year campaign is the best way to introduce them to your virtual reality. That’ll help you stand out from your competitors, showcase your products effectively, and sell effectively. 

It’s become a relatively used concept in India. Platforms Myntra and Flipkart have used Livestream to leverage influencers and sell their varied line of products. You, too, can do it. You must correctly identify your target audience and your niche influencers with a vast reach and heavy engagement. This type of campaign is the most effective for fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle brands. If you’re one of them, don’t wait. Livestream it! 

Every customer’s dream: Sale and discount coupons.

Who doesn’t love discounts? If someone says no, they’re lying. Discount and sale coupons are the best way to attract your audience. But do you know what can multiply your sales 2x? A well-known face with great discount options can be a great way to execute a campaign. Launching a campaign is the first hurdle to overcome (we can help you with that). Next is marketing it. An influencer can help you reach your target audience and increase sales. 

This allows you to collaborate with various influencers with different types of campaigns in the form of barter, affiliate or paid promotional campaigns. Here is Vishudh’s Diwali campaign, wherein YouTubers flaunted its new collection and shared discount coupon codes for subscribers/followers to use. This encouraged people to buy more and gave a number of more than 750 orders. Take a look – 

Talk about the product with Review videos

Aren’t we all always doing that? Sharing or taking reviews, suggestions and recommendations? If you know and trust someone, you will likely take their word for something they tried themselves. Review videos can be for a product or service; that’s the beauty of it. It establishes brand credibility, word of mouth marketing and creates brand awareness. 

2023 is the best time to jump into the influencer marketing pool and leverage it utmost while the industry is booming and growing. 

Try working with different influencers and sharing your products in exchange for their reviews shared with their followers. During the New Year, everyone’s looking to try out something new. That’s an excellent opportunity to grow the customer base that you should seize. 

If you wish to start influencer marketing this new year, good luck, my friend! And and and… don’t forget, we’re here to help you. Our experts will help you choose the right influencer and strategise the whole new year campaign using influencers. Schedule a free consultation call