How Effective is Influencer Marketing?

How Effective is Influencer Marketing?

The marketing landscape has shifted in the past couple of years. Moving from celebrities across TV commercials and newspapers to social media platforms, it’s been a big curve of transition. Influencer marketing is new, fresh, and innovative. Brands and influencers are finding ways to update it to the current trends regularly. 

The moment a business is born, it’s established on social media to let people know of the new player in the industry. With the growing need for social media, it’s almost become impossible for brands to sustain without influencer marketing campaigns. Such marketing campaigns are lucrative for brands to multiply their audience. 

Let’s start with the basics, what is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is leveraging individuals with an impactful online presence for your brand. These known faces are popular and share recommendations to their audience which are deemed useful and effective. 

How effective is influencer marketing? 

The influencer industry is said to reach $16.4B in 2022. Those are big numbers and yes, that’s possible in today’s world. In a world where 80% of marketers find influencer marketing an effective weapon in dynamic settings. 

Zara was the most talked about brand on Instagram in 2021, surpassing even Instagram, Shein, H&M, and Nike, with a staggering reach of over 2 billion users and over 300,00 mentions. That’s the power of influencer marketing. With the correct strategy, influencers can increase sales by raising brand awareness. These influencers are capable enough to pull a large pool of audience to your website just by mentioning it on their profiles.  

A total of 71 percent of marketers concur that influencer marketing produces higher-quality traffic and customers than other channels, demonstrating the power of influencers to increase conversion. Customers look for brands recommended by the influencers because of their reputation amongst their audience. People trust them and are ready to consider buying things they suggest. 

Many marketers believe that influencer marketing gives comparable or higher returns if implemented on the right platform. If you choose the incorrect influencers, promote the wrong product, or fail to target the right demographic, you can conclude that influencer marketing is ineffective.

Influencers possess their own challenges while working with them. Like distinguishing between authentic influencers with real followers and engagement rates. But apart from the obvious challenges, influencer marketing is preferred by marketers because it gives them a larger platform and audience to showcase their brands. 

Align your influencers’ vision with your brands’ and plan your strategy accordingly if you want to succeed with influencer marketing or all you have to do is talk to us.