Influencer Marketing Agency’s outlook on Metaverse

Influencer Marketing Agency’s outlook on Metaverse

From the perception and observance of an Influencer Marketing Agency, Metaverse Madness, it ain’t Multiverse of Madness but it is as real as it can get.

The new ‘battleground for brands’ as termed by Exchange4Media, we can’t help but back it up. But before we reason it, let’s help you understand the rise and relevance of Metaverse,

The Rise

Why are different Influencer Marketing agency lined up to promote this new version of Influencer Marketing?Termed as the future of the internet, for the social media world, the metaverse is a virtual space where consumers can interact and perform almost every activity you can imagine. But why this magnetism? How is it creating a space for itself in the influencer marketing domain? Read this article to find out as we share leading campaign examples.

boAT Verse

Let’s draw from the example of boAt partnering with India’s first virtual influencer – KYRA, marking a new direction in the future of influencer marketing. boAt left no stone unturned regarding influencing people when the brand launched a visually appealing film as KYRA walks into the future of audio with the all-new breathtaking Rockerz 330 and Rockerz 333 ANC. The video has so far garnered 2.3Mn views boAt is now the first brand to partner with KYRA and to step into the future of influencer marketing with their campaign #FutureOfAudio

However, it’s not the first time such a partnership has awed the digital world, how can anyone forget Prada?


The Brand introduced Candy, a virtual muse and the face for Prada’s perfume carrying the same name. This iconic brand kicked off its Rethink Reality – campaign, taking us through Candy’s divine pink universe.

While we’re gushing over boAt and Prada’s metaverse magic, we can’t deny the charm of other campaigns by prominent brands. One more that goes to the list is Fenty Beauty.

Fenti Beauty Verse

This brand did one simple thing – it reposted Shudu Gram’s post with her wearing  Fenty’s lipstick shade Saw-C. Her beauty is so striking and raw that you almost don’t want to believe it’s real. The thing is, it’s not—she’s 100 per cent CGI.

So far, the crown of attention-grabbing campaigns has been held by Lil Miquela, the meta influencer, ever since Samsung roped her in for their global #TeamGalaxy campaign, to perfectly embody the campaign’s tagline, “Do What You Can’t”.

The virtual influencer industry continues to grow as more and more brands are intrigued to explore these valuable, virtual partnerships. There are hundreds of influencer marketing agency that can help your brand launch a campaign. But if you choose to forward move forward with the Influencer Marketing agency of the year, you can schedule a free consultation with us.