Influencer Marketing Then vs Now

Influencer Marketing Then vs Now

We’re in the era of a digital revolution, especially with Influencer marketing estimated to reach $24.1 billion industry. When you think about it, influence marketing has always been a relevant concept even before the invention of social media, people were charmed by what they witnessed in print ads, TV or similar channels.

From the royal endorsement in 18th century for ‘Queensware’ pottery as the first phase of Influencer marketing, followed by Coca Cola’s iconic use of fictional characters like Santa Claus in 1932 that aimed to remind customer of good times and jolly memories of the company, it wasn’t long before social media platforms came about. As more people rushed to these platforms to post about their daily lives and adventures, they started garnering a loyal and engaged  follower base. As influencers became more prevalent with their content and opinions, brands started leveraging this as a collaborative opportunity. This tactic eventually powered what we refer to as ‘influencer marketing’

Let’s explore how Influencer Marketing has evolved over the last decade to reach its position as the salt of the Marketing Industry.

  1. The advent of bloggers : The first influencers (even before invention of the term ‘influencers), everyday people were finding their voices and audience on multiple topics and the bloggers were sought by brands and marketers due to the influence they held over their target audience.
  1. Rise of Facebook Culture : With the explosive growth of Facebook culture since early 2000s, it created a new platform for both influencers and marketers to reach the right people, thus helping influencers build their tribe while helping brands connect with their potential customers at the right time.
  1. Reduced relevance of advertising : As consumers started to get bombarded with advertising targeted to combat facebook dominance while promoting businesses, it gave rise to the usage of ad blockers to completely ignoring ads.
  2. Rise of Instagram : While Facebook connected friends and family to share daily updates, and twitter was a space for exchange of ideas, opinions and information. Instagram stole the show by providing a space to people to get creative and connecting friends and strangers alike. This in turn led to brands and celebrities collaborating to influence the masses. But what really changed the game ushering influencers to Instagram was the popularity surge of Kardashian sisters which helped more people to take a bold step in the influencer industry.

5. Micro and Macro Influencers to the rescue : As influencer marketing started gaining momentum with more and more people using their creative skills to engage masses, it wasn’t long before brands started looking for social accounts with massive reach. With the cost being low compared to celebrity endorsements and returns being high, this became an emerging trend in the influencer marketing industry.

From then to now, Influencer Marketing has grown at a steady pace. At its core, influencer marketing is all about leveraging influencer’s relations with the audience and establishing brand love with the influencer marketing strategy. It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media without coming across some form of influencer marketing and it can be safely said that influencer marketing will continue to rise especially due to some of reasons as listed :

  1. More and more  people becoming influencers : As social media platforms continue to grow, more and more people are getting onboard with sharing their creativity, uniqueness, lifestyle, niche based content and so on. This means brand can start reaching out to influencers in a specific niche to target the right audience and have higher returns
  1. Live e-commerce : Live shopping programs are bound to become an important part of influencer marketing, considering how it has the right combination of building trust, visibility, accessibility and smooth experience. Now, that’s a win-win! Infact, Facebook
    recently launched Live Shopping
  2. Influencers are now becoming more authentic and relatable : Long gone are the days when influencer were seen as someone with completely different lifestyle. More and more influencers have started posting relatable and authentic content making them and their opinions trustworthy helping brands promote their products from a genuine perspective and not an advertisement.

As influencer marketing continues to grow, it’s time to start contemplating if this is a must-have marketing strategy for your brand. Influencers can help you drive traffic to your website, make sales, increase your followers and so on, it’s just about the right strategy and execution.

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