Mistakes to Avoid Planning an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Mistakes to Avoid Planning an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Can you imagine eating the same dish for the rest of your life? Boring, isn’t it? Routine can get dull, trying out new things, that’s where the fun lies. It’s true for your influencer marketing campaigns, too. Your strategy and methods might be getting old which is the reason why your campaigns are failing or aren’t performing the way they used to once.  

We’re not kidding when we say, influencer marketing is preferred more than digital marketing now. 59% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be an effective tool to reach out to the masses than digital marketing and it’s apt for a reason. Influencer marketing digs your brand in the minds of people using faces we see every day and trust them because these are regular people with a platform that helps them share their opinion. If you plan on your influencer marketing campaigns, know that your strategies could be outdated. But, worry not for we have something that can help you – “A list of common mistakes brands are committing in 2022 that’s not leading the brand campaigns anywhere”.  

Stale Content Strategy

If you were a fashion enthusiast you’d know it’s a sin to repeat last season’s collection. It’s so out of style. So is the case when it comes to creating a content strategy for your influencer campaigns. Trends change with the blink of an eye and trust us in the digital world the blink is quite quick. A brand’s marketing strategy has to be molded by keeping the current trends in mind. What was effective in the past cannot be maintained for a very long time; it must adapt to the times. A stale strategy will only result in the audience finding your brand boring and uninteresting. Say if you wanted to reach out to Instagrammers through influencers, guess what could be the best way? 

REELS! Reels are addictive (talking from experience), so much so that Instagram is currently testing algorithms based on reels. It’s what keeps one’s brain hooked to the app for hours. Reaching out to your audience using reels that are fun and add value to their life is 10 times better than a picture that conveys less or nothing at all. 

But also know that a content strategy that works for a platform doesn’t mean it’ll work for others. Experiment, and that’s how you’ll know.

Collab with influencers based on followers

Okay, so we’ll admit the big numbers do attract but this chain of choosing influencers based on their follower counts breaks now. Numbers were important once, now people want authenticity. Wanting genuineness in content and influencers has changed the way brands now collaborate with influencers. Nano and Micro-influencers have become a hit amongst people and bands. Niche-specific influencers will be your best buddies to target a set of audiences. 

Before selecting influencers for your brand get a checklist that ticks off all these boxes –


Salesy content pitch

Would you like it if someone keeps selling you the product rather than focusing on the fact of how it can help you? Annoying much, huh?

That’s the sign of a bad sales pitch. Going around telling people your product is the best? Try yelling it from the top of the Eiffel Tower and it’ll still make no sense until you know the right words to use that’ll grab their attention. 

If you take examples of brands like Zomato, they engage their followers with memes and puns. They aren’t directly selling but reminding people about their presence. Same way, trust the creators you choose to work with. Handover the creative freedom that’ll allow them to create content that people want to see rather than swiveling your content around salesy words that’ll make the viewers run the other way.

No objective of the campaign

An influencer marketing campaign has several different objectives that brands aim to achieve if one doesn’t make the objective clear before the planning stage. It’s like riding into the dark without the hopes of any light. A campaign objective helps you land on the strategy you’d want to work with to reach it. 

Why is your brand launching this campaign? Brand awareness? Generate leads? Increase followers or subscribers? Or simply more engagement from your audience? 

Once you’re clear on the goal, you can jump on strategizing the plan. The platform to leverage, the influencers to work with, content type and set up KPIs. 

The destination and the journey both are equally important so plan everything in advance

Missing out CTAs

Okay, so when you need the salt passed on to you at the dinner table what do you do? You ask for it. You need to be clear with what you want the other person to do, the same is the case here. Giving hints to your audience and being ambiguous with your words is of no help. It leads your campaign nowhere. Clear communication is the key to your relationships, friendships, and of course, your marketing campaigns.

Your audience doesn’t have a clue if they’re supposed to sign up or share your post or tag you on their social media handles. With CTAs you’re bestowed to make the most out of this situation and direct people to achieve your campaign goal. Don’t throw clues for them to pick but rather be upfront. Tell them to sign up, share, tag, upload a picture, or simply a shoutout. 

But but but…..a simple CTA isn’t enough. Your CTAs should be as compelling as the content. It should be simple, easy to understand, and convincing enough for people to do as asked. Words are a charmer, only if you know to use the right ones. 

Not switching platforms 

Now when we say switching platforms doesn’t mean you constantly have to pick up new platforms for your campaign, find new influencers and experiment with every new campaign BUT yes, you should keep experimenting with new platforms. Various other platforms have emerged in the market. Platforms that target tier 2 and 3 cities, which means more minds to target, WOHOOO! Every channel has its set of users, style, and content type that people like to see. This is the situation where influencer marketing experts save you the trouble. A clear picture from experts in this situation will give an idea of the market and what strategy and platform you should choose according to your campaign objective.  

Lucky for you, you’re on the right doorstep. We at The Good Creator Co. have brilliant minds who have worked with more than 1000 brands on successful influencer marketing campaigns. Want your next influencer campaign to shine out? Let’s talk and help you out.