Ultimate guide on How to Pitch brands and get Paid Sponsorships

Ultimate guide on How to Pitch brands and get Paid Sponsorships

As a creator, monetizing your work is heavily important, sometimes it can be a long road. We have compiled a quick and easy-to-follow guide on how to pitch brands for paid collaborations and start earning.

With its innovative media forms, improvisations, and newest software updates, the social media platform has not only disrupted but also leads the existing social networking spaces. Since its inception as an image-sharing application, Instagram has gone a long way.

Influencer Marketing is a boon to brands and Influencers, creating an impact in shaping consumer behavior and purchasing patterns of the market. As the industry keeps moving forward and growing, the competition, making it difficult to get paid sponsorships.

People are more likely to follow Instagram influencers who promote, advertise, and review content on their pages. As a result, marketers prefer influencers to well-known celebrities to advocate their products. But now, trends have changed. Businesses have studied how actual people providing true feedback about a particular label may influence consumers and lead to real changes in their purchasing decisions. As a result, anyone with a bunch of followers, abiding by the rules of Instagram can get sponsorship. 

But what is this Paid Sponsorship exactly? 

A sponsored Instagram post is a post about a brand’s or company’s products or services that pays to reach a larger audience. Typically, there are 2 kinds of paid Typically, there are 2 kinds of paid Instagram sponsorship:

Promoted Posts: 

One in which a brand produces a post and pays Instagram for exposure to a target niche audience. These ad posts are similar to those on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where advertisers can customize them according to their target audience. To filter their audience, parameters such as interests, jobs, demography etc are set. Instagram requires the advertiser/brand to pay a fee for access. After purchasing access to the bespoke audience features and capabilities, the publisher is responsible for generating and promoting content on the platform.

Paid Sponsorship 

And another in which a company pays another account holder, ie the. Influencers, to promote on their behalf to reach their specific audience. Usually that account owner is a brand themselves that can create exposure for the brands to new audiences. 

Influencers have their own audience that not all brands have acess to. Therefore hiring or signing a deal with an Instagram brand/influencer gives them a competitive advantage in that market.The concept is similar to brands paying TV shows and networks to place their beverage cans, products, and other items at the end of a show in exchange for money.

There are numerous ways to get a paid collaboration but what suits you right is the question. Let’s see how you can get paid sponsorships in these 5 easy steps 

 5 step guide to get paid Instagram collaborations 

Brand building

Convey who you are and what you do. Visitors must know why they would want to follow you or work with you. It’s important to include your business and content since brands and individuals want to know if you do photography, reviews, beauty or travel. 

As you go ahead, start recognising the creatives, layouts and themes you want to be associated with. These things will help relevant brands to identify you and make their decision. 

Make sure that viewers can relate to and connect with the content, since this will give the profile more personality and attract more followers.

Analyze your followers 

Before pitching a brand for a paid sponsorship, you need to know your audience. Examine the types of people that follow your account to create content interesting and informative for them. This can be done by a third party app or you can use Instagram’s built-in capabilities to analyze the audience’s interests, the types of content they engage with, and the content they dislike. Know the demography, age, gender etc to create a better experience for your followers.

Imagine pitching a brand and having no idea about your audience or how this can help the brand? Doesn’t sound like it’s going the right way from there. 

Tag and Tell

Tagging is one such feature that can increase your reach by putting you out in front of new people. There’s a correct way to it. To broaden your reach and attract the correct kind of audience, start by tagging some local brands in a comparable category. If the Instagram profile is about food blogging, instead of looking for international restaurants, tag the nearest café or restaurant.

Using proper geotags and hashtags can also help you increase the visibility of your material, gain more followers, and establish a name for it. This will aid in the development of the profile’s overall scope with brands in future. 

Optimize your bio

Optimizing your bio tells the visitor, who you are and what to expect in short, like a short introduction. It’s essentially for communication of sorts. To demonstrate the profile’s varied expansions, include email addresses, websites, and a blog link. It will make the profile appear trustworthy and develop confidence among followers, increasing the probability of successful collaborations.

Measure and understand your value

The Influencer Market is inundated with talent from all over the world. Understanding your audience’s preferences and brand requirements is the key to creating desired content. Make sure you charge according to the profile’s worth, create a pricing structure, understand market standards, and work consistently. Keep track of engagements, views, and visits to determine which areas require attention. As needed, negotiate with sponsors and establish guidelines for posting stories, reels, takeovers, and conducting contests on their behalf.

Stay authentic to your work and audience. Keep these things in mind while pitching brands and you’ll be all set. We wish you good luck.