What is Emotional Marketing and How to Leverage it?

What is Emotional Marketing and How to Leverage it?

Wow, that was an amazing movie I saw the other day”, words were uttered by a friend who enjoyed her weekend watching a movie that wowed her. Why do you think people get engrossed in the life of their favorite character from their favorite show, it’s because they connect with them. They feel an emotional connection with them. That’s how brands are are targeting audience through emotional marketing . Our emotions are what differs us from machines. For brands, the same way to reach a customer’s heart is by igniting strong emotions in them. 

Gillette, during the 2016 Rio Olympics released an emotional marketing campaign, “Perfect isn’t Pretty”.  It showed that being perfect and worthy of Olympics requires days and nights of hard work. It focused on athletes and associated itself with hard workers around the world with this campaign. Gillette through this tells its customers what matters to them as a brand and connects with them. 

How are brands connecting with their customers differently?

Companies across various categories are working with emotional marketing and it works.

Why does it work?

 Take an example of yourself, would you rather buy from a brand that conveys not just any social message but also something that you believe in or go for a brand that does not concern itself with any values at all? Of course, it’s the former one. We connect well with other people with similar thinking and mentality because of our beliefs and emotions attached to those beliefs. This is exactly what brands do. They’re trying to be more than just brands on the shelves for their customers. 

It gives them an opportunity to decide from the heart and not just by the virtue of the brand. Go, think about all the brands that you shop with and what emotional aspect do they add to your life.

How to leverage Emotional Marketing?

Know your audience 

Knowing your audience is the foundation of any marketing campaign. It’s obvious that once you know who follows your brand, will you be able to curate content according to their likes. It’s like knowing your best friend, you aren’t best friends for nothing. You know them and they know you. If you want to scale your brand’s marketing campaigns through emotional marketing, you better step up in the shoes of your consumers. 

Invest your time and resources in audience research. This will tell you about the current emotions brewing within your customers which will assist you in making informed decisions. You can invest your efforts in making Instagram Reels to reach the right audience but if your audience is waiting for you at Twitter, it’s of no use. Be like Mr. Bean right here and know what your audience means.

Inspire people 

We’re all looking to be better than we are. Inspiring people through your brand, are you kidding? Yes, that works. Everyone of us, like just said, is looking to be better and better. If your brand can add value in the lives of people, you’ve won them for life. 

Look at the examples of brands using athletes inspiring stories to inspire its customers by their learnings and hardships. 

Which color would you choose?

Listen to this carefully, Red stands for passion, love and anger, Yellow emits hopefulness and happiness and Blue represents calmness and sadness. This is not just us, but all the brands know the psychology behind colors and how it affected their relationship with their customers. These colors evoke an emotion in people as they lay their eyes on them and not just a few of them, it’s all of them. 

Source: 10 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About color Psychology

Why do you think Coca Cola has red color or Facebook has blue or McDonalds has red and yellow? It’s them delivering a message through the colors and not some random move. 

Now that you have the idea of brand logos and colors, you might want to reconsider which color your brands associate itself with. Have colors that speak your brand, what it is and what it stands for so that people could instantly relate to it. 

Not just a moment but a Movement 

For emotional marketing building a community of people who believe in the same principles is essential. It’s what we call creating a Movement and not just a moment. The world is seeing moment marketing currently, anything that’s trendy is what every brand is doing. While moment marketing works wonders in today’s market, if you’re in to play the long game, create more than just a moment. A movement that moves thousands of souls and wants to do more that’ll land you loyal customers/followers going in the future. 

Just. Be. Yourself. Period

People are looking for a genuine connection. Be yourself, as cliche as it sounds, is the easiest way to connect with your customers or potential audience. It’s the mantra that gets you through life and business. With total honesty convey your brand message, what changes you aspire to bring with a particular campaign and how and why people can help. Be witty and humorous with your words but tell them correctly and project your real image rather than misleading people. 

Now the baton of secret weapon has been handed over to you, use it wisely and effectively. Emotional marketing will take your brand to new heights, if only you’re ready to invest in it smartly. 

Bring your marketing campaigns to life by adding emotions to them. Want to know how to create impactful and meaningful campaigns? Reach out to us and we’ll show you how it’s done.