What is Experimental Marketing and why should your brand explore it?

What is Experimental Marketing and why should your brand explore it?

If you’re part of a leading brand or involved in the marketing process, this is a term you must have come across. This is one strategy that aims to strike 2 targets with one arrow, as it enables the customers to not only explore the products but also connect with the essence of the brand. Considering it entails an emotional connection between the customer and the brand, it’s often termed engagement marketing.

Did you know 70% customers become regulars after an experimental marketing campaign?

Don’t believe us?

Have a look at the following campaigns!!

Music speaks to the soul and Volkswagen knew what had to be done. As an initiative in 2009, Volkswagen turned a subway staircase in Stockholm into a giant piano, it became an experience that helped customers connect and engage with their brand. The message this campaign wanted to convey ‘ people will do difficult things if they’re presented in a fun way’ was indeed proved right as more people took the stairs instead of escalators. Truly set the brand apart with their marketing ways! No promotions about their product, it was just an experience that generated brand love!

After the experience created by Volkswagen took the world by storm of awe, it wasn’t long before Red Bull joined the club of experimental marketing in 2012, with their campaign called ‘Stratos’

This campaign was record-breaking as 8 million people watched this live freefall through Red Bull channels, thus creating a massive PR and resounding media exposure without even showcasing their products.It became an experiential branding that created a lasting impression and unique memory of this campaign.

Now let’s fast forward to 2021, with our Finger-lickin’ good brand KFC and the campaign they initiated to  connect with the young crowd by partnering with Kentucky born, Jack Harlow (Yup, the Grammy-nominated rapper)

This campaign started in 2021, but it’s still rolling in the dough, the initial campaign had a food truck outside Jack’s hometown show in Louisville and the marketing was continued for 2 days with large trucks playing Harlow tracks. Considering the love this campaign received, it was a blessing for KFC and Harlow fans when KFC’s quick pick-up options included Jack’s favourites on the app or website in select locations. Imagine the hype!

Jumping to the latest campaign by Burger King

This hilariously witty ad featuring Hrithik Roshan had social media howling with laughter, stipulating if this was a staged or ‘jugaadu’ ad, even big brands like Spotify, Swiggy and Zomato couldn’t resist commenting on Hrithik Roshan’s reaction to this ad.

Needless to say, experimental or engagement marketing is slowly becoming a strategy most companies wish to explore, but it’s important to look at some lessons before you proceed with your creatively unique experimental campaigns :

Carefully curated only for you:

  1. The strategy doesn’t have to involve the product or service. It just needs a positively powerful message that generates brand recall.
  2. Don’t forget, the trends are constantly shifting with the young crowd and it’s always recommended to come up with strategies that GenZ and Millennials find relatable
  1. Make sure the campaign adds value to the customer.. be it free product, knowledge or entertainment.
  2. Don’t be afraid to think big and out of the box. It’s meant to leave an impression after all

        5.  Include Influencer Marketing as it has become the salt of the marketing industry.

Yes, it’s relevant for experimental marketing as well. Cases in pointKFC x Jack Harlow, Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner Campaign with Devin Graham and Mariott’s video collaboration with Jeana Smith.  When Brands and Influencers join forces, it’s bound to be the perfect recipe for a successful campaign.

However, in the ocean of ever-growing influencers, it can become hard to find the right fit for your brand needs.

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‘It’s always GOOD to be a unique CREATOR’ Don’t hesitate to find the experimental strategy that works for you and if you start trending, we will be cheering you on (if you don’t forget to shoot us a gratitude email).