Your Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Influencer Marketing has been on the rise on Instagram in the last decade, driving creators to come up with unique content for brands boosting brand awareness, recognition, sales and more. The pool of influencers on Instagram is vast and limitless, helping brands reach target markets in an authentic and relatable way, selling smarter and faster. For example, if you follow a fashion influencer, their aesthetic styling or outfit choices is sure to inspire you to purchase from the same brand or mark it on your shopping list. This stems from the trust influencers have garnered over the years and the rapport built with their followers. If you’re planning to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, you can follow the steps below :

1. Identify objective : While setting up your influencer campaign, it’s important to be the Brand with a Plan, your objective can be one of the following :

 i) Brand Awareness : If your goal is to generate brand buzz and awareness, the focus should be on influencer campaigns that aims to earns Brand mentions (influencers mentioning brands casually), Product reviews (influencers review the product for their followers), Content Sharing (Influencer encourage followers to share content or products with brand specific hashtags) and Contests (Influencers initiate contests to encourage brand promotion indirectly)

ii) Increase Followers/ Engagement on Social Media : If you wish to hit the influencer’s followers Motherlode and drive them to your social media handle as engaged and active followers, you can launch campaigns like Social media takeovers  (influencer takes over the social media handle of the brand for a specific period),Shoutouts (influencer gives you shoutouts with brand mentions).

iii)Generate Leads/ Sales : If you wish to get two giggles with one tickle, generating conversions and revenue, you can try Custom coupon codes (influencers are provided with custom coupons) 

It is important to communicate your objectives clearly with the influencer as it builds trust and the influencer can help you with unique, trending ideas for the campaign.

2. Setting Timeline : It is essential to set a timeline for the campaign to have a timeline set after the brand objective has been defined. This will help in efficient planning and content delivery.

3. Influencer onboarding : Selecting the wrong influencers for your target audience is like purchasing a new laptop without the charger. You won’t be able to make the best of it for too long. The right influencer has to be onboarded keeping in mind what the audience needs, who the audience trusts, and how the influencer connects with the audience. To get the influencer onboard, you simply need to approach the influencer, build a connection, discuss details of the campaign and work out a strategy with their unique inputs. To connect with right influencers on Instagram, you can follow the given steps :

 i) Search keywords and hashtags : Make a list of relevant keywords and hashtags related to your product or target audience, like #travelblogger #fashionblogger and so on. This will help you keep a tab on influencers using them frequently. If they have sizeable following and engagement, you can reach out to them
ii)  Check Similar accounts : After you find the influencers in your niche hashtags, you can follow them. Needless to say, Instagram’s algorithm will automatically show you similar accounts.

iii) Use Influencer marketing platforms: If it’s a taxing task, influencer marketing platforms can be your savior. These platforms have a mammoth database of influencers across all niches. One click and you can filter out the influencers suited for your campaign needs.

4. Briefing & Approving content : Start with setting clear and concise content brief for the influencer, helping them understand the objective and brand guidelines. Give complete creative freedom to ensure best results. For the approval process, remember the content needs to be ‘Top Notch’ while staying relevant to the ever changing trends. To ensure brands and influencers make the most out of the collaborations, focus on the following points:

  1. Is the content piece as per brand guidelines or aligned with campaign objectives
  2. Is it free of politically incorrect, insensitive or brand competitive lingo

Implementing a content approval process during the campaign ensures brand safety, streamlines communication and enforces transparent collaboration.

 5. Measuring result : Measuring the efficiency of influencer campaign is a process that requires strict monitoring and data collection.Some metrics that can be measured easily includes :

  1. Reach
  2. Impressions
  3. Engagement
  4. Direct sales
  5. Website traffic
  6. Social media mentions
  7. Increase in followers

That’s all readers, marketers and entrepreneurs, you’re now ready to leverage the power of Instagram Influencer Marketing, potentially reaching millions with one campaign.

As a bonus, we have attached data of some of the campaigns launched by The Good Creator Co. to help you understand how a successful Influencer Marketing campaign on Instagram can help with high returns

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