Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Influencer Marketing on YouTube

‘How to bake a cake’ , ‘ French Lessons’, ‘Pink Floyd- Another brick in the wall’ now these are not random words. These are just examples of how our YouTube search usually goes. From educational to entertainment videos, YouTube is rightly termed as the second largest search engine with almost 5 billion videos watched every day. It’s no surprise that Influencer Marketing is creating a space for itself on this plaform.

Niche Pull

YouTube influencers specialise in different subjects or niches. When you collaborate with influencers from a specific niche for a brand campaign for an influencer marketing campaign, you add on to the value for your audience. It’s a know fact that people tend to trust influencers who have established their expertise in particular niches.

We have simply accepted that YouTube is now the platform for brands and creators across all niches. Especially marketers. It’s the near perfect yet underrated vehicle for promoting brand awareness and building a loyal following.

But how are brands leveraging this platform to market products, services and more ? 

Let’s briefly understand the type of content that can work on Youtube for your brand : 


As a business, you can use this type of YouTube video to reflect on current events or developments in your industry or related to your offering. This can include Vlogs or conspiracy theories. On a side note, just know where to stop 😛 before you end up depicting this :

Product Review

Although an unboxing may not make sense for many brands (especially B2B), reviews are likely something your buyers are looking for about you, your competitors, or something you sell. Of course, we recommend giving the influencer a heads up on ‘what not to do’ or your video could end up compiled as this compiled video. 😛 


Incorporating relevant comedy and humour into your content can humanise your brand, but only if it suits your audience or brand. Not sure if it’s right for you? Consider testing the waters with a playful video to gauge the reaction of your audience. This can include skit, pranks or parody. Doubtful, take a look at this video, subtlety at its’ finest : 

Do you agree with us so far? We sure hope so!

How to Videos

How-to videos are videos that give viewers a visual step-by-step of how to accomplish a particular task. Think about what your clients are asking to do and create videos around those processes.This can include educational videos or tutorials.Yes, these videos help too. Don’t think so? See the experience of new iPhone users learning how to turn off iPhone 

Top Lists

Top lists are videos where YouTubers rank or discuss their favorites in a particular category or the best examples in a particular category. This can include haul videos, best of/favorites, collection, compilations. Now this is something worth considering, take the example of one of our brand partners and how they leveraged YouTube for an Influencer commerce campaign to garner 600+ order in a short time period. Read full story here

Challenge” or meme

Think about what your ideal customer will want to see and what aligns with your brand. Check how Mzaalo implemented memes in their marketing here


Narrative videos are ones that take the viewer through a story. For brands, these can manifest as customer success stories or even sharing an educational history. These can include explainer or story videos. Of course, we’re still emotional with some of the trendy storytelling brand marketing videos like HP’s Diye se Diya Jalao


Used to express your unique perspective on developments in your industry or changes at your own company. Driven by strong emotions, these videos can build suspense and excitement among viewers. Our advise, don’t overdo it 

Now that you know how to get started, don’t forget to few things to set up for each campaign:

  • Create UTM links that will help you track all link clicks and traffic
  • Create an influencer-specific discount code to track purchases from each campaign
  • Ask the influencer to send you reports from their end every month or so to track performance

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Of course, we understand the process can be hectic and frustrating, we got you buddy!

You can connect with us for a free consultation to understand how to get started in the right manner. Just click here.