ABBS became the top choice of students with Influencer Marketing

ABBS became the top choice of students with Influencer Marketing

MBA is expensive, bro”, “the placements aren’t that great”, and “I don’t know what to pursue after graduating” – these are some of the common questions in the mind of every graduate. But, unfortunately, sometimes students have to settle for less than what they dream. Like a fairy godmother, Acharya Business School has come up to fulfil the dreams of these students. Acharya Business School launched an influencer marketing campaign to spread the word, reaching more than 1 million students. Let’s take a look at how they did it. 

Objective: Brand awareness via distinguishing ABBS from other B-Schools in the market 

As it’s said, there are too many fish in the sea, the same way the B-School market is flooded with these fish. Not all of them are compatible with every student, though. To fill this gap and give students the desired and deserving higher education in the field of management, ABBS joined hands with The Good Creator Co. They launched an influencer marketing campaign that generated brand awareness and made them the number 1 choice of every student. 

Strategy: A perfect blend of micro, macro and regional content leveraging Instagram and YouTube using word of mouth from influencers 

Acharya Bangalore B-School is one of the renowned B-Schools. It has an ideal way of imparting business knowledge that leads to the student’s success, and its campus is rated among the top 10 campuses in research and innovation. And these are just a few things we could recollect now from 10 other things that make it different and a perfect choice for a student looking to pursue MBA. Influencers conveyed these messages to their audience to bridge the gap between the two parties.

While defining the target audience, it was clear that influencers whose content resonated with the youth were needed to lead the campaign on the right path. Keeping this in mind, micro-influencers Yashvi Bagga, and Anmol Raina, and macro creators Shubham Joshi and Hardik Banga were selected. These influencers and creators were the perfect mixes for a campaign reaching out to every tier city aiming for the right people. 

And that’s not all; as regional content has caught up in the content race, Poorav, a Kannada language influencer, helped reach out to Kannada-speaking masses. As a result, it solely received more than 100K views. 

Results: Yes, ticked off a successful campaign with ABBS using the right strategy

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