BenQ Projected a Promising Campaign with The Good Creator Co. for its new GV30

BenQ Projected a Promising Campaign with The Good Creator Co.  for its new GV30

BenQ known for its “Bringing Enjoyment ā€˜Nā€™ Quality to Life” yet again launched an impactful new product and partnered with the Good Creator Co. for the success of its influencer campaigns 

Objective: Increase the overall reach by growing brand awareness about BenQ GV30 

Watching movies on a big screen has its own fun but getting this experience from the comfort of your own bed would be more exciting. With BenQ’s GV30 you can experience the big screen everywhere, even while travelling. The brand wanted to convey this message to its audiences. 

By partnering with the Good Creator Co., the brand launched a hit brand awareness campaign that built top-of-the-mind consideration for its new launch.

Strategy: A mix of creators for a cross-platform campaign with high-quality video content was the success mantra for GV30’s launch 

BenQ had a big campaign plan for the new launch, targetting an audience pan India. To achieve the desired results, we launched a two-fold campaign over the two most user-consumed platforms, Instagram and Youtube. 

For YouTube, a direct approach was chosen with mere 2 YouTubers onboard. Tech Unboxing and Aman Dhingra collectively garnered 185.7K views. They created unboxing and product review videos talking about the features, benefits, and how it differentiates from other products. 

For Instagram, a healthy mix of Instagram influencers was onboarded. The campaign revolved around how the new GV30 gives leisure and quality time with your loved ones without moving out an inch. The idea was to place the product in the minds of the audience as a reliable partner for having a good time with their family and friends, no matter the place or even on the go.

In just 14 posts the campaign reached more than 700K people. Top performers on Instagram were Kamlesh Salvi, Anushka Sharma, and Daizy & Ankit

However, hashtags #benqv30 and #portableprojector won the metrics by gaining a 1.1 Million reach

Results: BenQ created the buzz around its new launch and gained more visibility amongst a new audience

Influencer marketing campaigns are ruling the marketing world right now. Strategizing your campaign with the right influencer targeting the right audience will lead to desired results. 

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