Cue Math & The Good Creator Co. Joined Forces to Launch a Brand Awareness Campaign in the Ed-Tech World

Cue Math & The Good Creator Co. Joined Forces to Launch a Brand Awareness Campaign in the Ed-Tech World

Cuemath, an online ed-tech platform creating brand awareness within India and USA through parents and educational content creators. Read how they did it. 

Objective: To create brand awareness around the new product 

Cuemath is an Ed-Tech platform for learning math and coding skills. It is run by a LIVE teacher, an interactive visual simulation platform, and an adaptive learning platform. With a focus on a teaching style that fosters autonomous thinking and equips kids to become unstoppable problem-solvers of the future, Cuemath boasts of 200K+ students in 20+ countries. To generate brand awareness, it partnered with the Good Creator Co. through influencer marketing campaigns across two main platforms, Instagram and Youtube. 

Strategy: Onboarding parent & education based influencers to target right audience

Cuemath wants its influencers to demonstrate and utilize the device with their children rather than just plainly talking about it. We kept the brand’s vision in mind and built the campaign around it.

All the content was created in video format. The campaign went live on Instagram in USA and India and on Youtube in India. While Youtube offered more hygienic and hero material, Instagram was used for reach.

For India, as a simple math calculation, a mix of Micro and Macro influencers were added for better reach. These were from niches such as mom bloggers, education and doctors etc. To name some, Actress and Mom blogger Nisha Aggarwal, Ridhi Deorah and Ambica Agarwal, Maninder Kaur.

For the USA campaign strategy, Micro and educational influencers were onboarded. This was run as an experimental campaign that turned out to be a hit. Ashley Johnson, Carrie Marrie, and novelist and psychologist Jess Carpenter were a few well-known faces. 

The videos featured children using the platform’s games and live courses. The parents discuss how it has helped their child in the “School from home” setting as they watch their children play activities aimed to develop their cognitive capacities and learn to apply mathematics in real-life situations.

Campaign hashtags that helped reach the goal were #Cuemath #mathexpert and the best performing video was by Nisha Aggarwal with more than 90k views. 

Results: A perfect influencer-brand fit led to a successful campaign 

Finding the right influencers that fit your brand messaging is the correct way to execute a campaign. Some brands majorly struggle with it. With our experts brands get a more experienced approach towards the campaign. How do we do it? Talk to us!