How Dabur Established Itself A Part Of The Great Indian Household

How Dabur Established Itself A Part Of The Great Indian Household

Dabur India opted for Influencer Marketing to proclaim its position in houses across the country. This campaign focused on reminding the importance of the well-being of oneself and their families, which is what Dabur believes in.

Objective: Developing engaging content to increase product recognition and recall

There is no need to introduce the brand! Dabur India Ltd. is one of the leading and significant FMCG companies in India. Dabur is the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company and has become a household name in India.

Dabur Keratex, Dabur Stresscom, and Dabur Ratnaprash were among the items for which the brand aimed to raise awareness.

Strategy: It is aimed at developing content that is familiar, relatable, and recalls for Dabur products

The content strategy aimed to establish awareness and recall for Dabur products through creators and influencers. The content focused on personal and family well-being, as well as how Dabur goods are a staple in every Indian home. 

Micro and macro-influencers onboarded for this campaign were asked to create an integrated or specialized video talking about the product and how they utilize it in their daily lives. These Influencers were a mix of both, Instagram and Youtube.

Keeping the needs of the campaign in mind, mom bloggers, lifestyle vloggers, self-care content creators, and health and well-being enthusiasts made up the Influencer mix. These were Influencers with an audience range of 50k-150k subscribers. 

The Dabur campaign featured YouTubers Ankit Azad, Lata Saberwal, Kamaljeet Rana, Diya Dey, and Instagrammers Shagun Segan, Devansh Kamboj, Shivam Sharma and Altamsh Faraz among others.

Male content creators were primarily chosen to develop content for Dabur Stresscom.

They were given creative license to come up with their own original content ideas, with the goal of making the content appear natural and entertaining. The best-performing campaign themes pivoted around family bonding.

 Lata Saberwal’s content was the best performing, with 121.4k views. She shared a video of herself getting a “champi ” from her mother using Dabur Keratex. Devansh Kamboj created content along the same lines such as, enjoying a healthy breakfast with his family and Dabur Ratnaprash being a part of their routine

#HealthTheRightWayWithDabur, used across Youtube and Instagram by the creators to highlight the benefits of Dabur.

Results: A win for Dabur with 1Mn+ reach on both platforms

With just 45 Influencers and 120 content pieces, Dabur reclaimed its name and brand in the hearts of people.

As each creator came up with their own creative ideas around the bigger concept, the content became distinct to them. 

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