How Bombay Shaving Company Utilized The Good Creator Co.’s Strategy to Implement an Always-On Influencer Marketing Approach

How Bombay Shaving Company Utilized The Good Creator Co.’s Strategy to Implement an Always-On Influencer Marketing Approach

How did Bombay Shaving Company operate many parallel campaigns simultaneously with various influencers, and all on their own? Find out now.

Objective: Leverage influencers to spread the word about the brand and its upcoming sale

The original goal of Bombay Shaving Company was to create and market high-end shaving products that would provide clients with an excellent shaving experience. Following its early days, the company entered the markets for bath and body products. Presently, it offers over 30 products in the categories of shaving, bath and body, skincare, and beard care. It understood the potential influencers offer and joined hands with The Good Creator Co. to leverage influencer marketing and created buzz about its upcoming sale.

Strategy: BSC launched 3 different campaigns for different products with Micro and Macro creators

The company, like the majority of emerging direct-to-consumer (D2C) firms, is aware of the power of influencer marketing to generate discussion about a company, a product, or future sales events. They have been successful in making efficient and effective use of this potential.

Since 2018, the Bombay Shaving Company has made significant investments in influencer marketing. We will discuss a few of their most recent initiatives, which the company carried out independently and in record time.

There were 3 different campaigns running simultaneously. The brand managers were able to execute several influencer campaigns concurrently using The Good Creator Co.’s Campaign Manager. 

The company was meticulous in its selection of influencers. They concentrated on finding influencers that not only had huge reach but also had relevant and high-quality engagement. The brand carefully reviewed the influencer profiles of the roughly 1,000 influencers who applied to take part in the campaign.

Since it’s difficult to sort through a thousand influencer profiles, our Campaign manager came in handy. Based on the brand’s needs, the tool made it incredibly simple to sift and filter across applications (such as engagement rates, content niches, reach and views, etc). The tool was used to invite certain influencers. The tool managed the entire campaign, making it simple, quick, and data-driven. It provided real-time campaign data when influencers published their posts.

The content was created in video format wherein the the influencers talked about their encounter with shaving and body hair, how they deal with it and later showcasing the products in use. These involved lifestyle, fashion and beauty creators mainly. 

Results: With the success of first campaign, 2 more campaigns were launched giving huge numbers as results

At The Good Creator Co. not only do we assist brands to plan their campaigns but provide them with resources and tools to launch campaigns themselves. If you want to launch a memorable campaign today and talk to our experts.