How Brillare levelled up with Good Creator Co. using Influencer Marketing 

How Brillare levelled up with Good Creator Co. using Influencer Marketing 

Brillare garnered a reach of 513K, amplifying product awareness and achieving broad-scale reach. Read how!

Objective:  Leverage large-scale influencer campaign to promote its products- Oil Shots and facewash while strengthening brand awareness

Brillare turned to Good Creator Co. to launch a well-planned Influencer marketing campaign that would assist in achieving the desired target. The brand worked with a staggering 300+ creators for running reach-based campaigns. These campaigns were executed in three phases and all three combined concluded in a span of less than a month! 

Strategy: Curated engaging content that generated brand awareness to create excitement and curiosity towards Brillare’s products.

Brillare, known for its premium natural ingredients and unique products is an Indian hair & skin-care brand that creates 100% vegan and cruelty-free products. The brand launched #oilshotschallenge on Instagram to promote the Brillare Oil shots and bring out the uniqueness of the product.

The creators participating in the campaign were asked to introduce the product to their audience by a simple unboxing video and then take them on a 15-day journey of their hair transformation through another video. The creators showcased the transformation by highlighting the before and after footage of their hair and showing the different stages of the transformation on different days. To broaden the reach of the campaign even further, the creators tagged their friends and audience members and encouraged them to take the challenge themselves.

Notable influencers in the campaign included the likes of Falguni Agarwal, Pallavi Gaba, Alisha Chettri, Bandita S. Patro etc. All three phases of the campaigns were executed in record time – less than a month with 300+ micro-influencers. Quirky hashtags like #OilShotsChallenge #Brillare #RealBeautyScience were used to promote the challenge.  Truly a remarkable campaign planning and execution.

Result: Together, Brillare and Good Creator Co. created brand awareness and excitement toward Brillare’s unique products

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