How Kiddopia partnered with The Good Creator Co. to ensure a memorable app launch

How Kiddopia partnered with The Good Creator Co. to ensure a memorable app launch

Kiddopia collaborated with Good Creator Co. to launch their app with a bang. Executed in four phases each for four weeks, this campaign garnered a reach of 2.7Million, helping Kiddopia position itself as the leading edutainment app for kids.

Objective: Elevate brand awareness to reach the Indian audience and maximise subscriptions and app installs through influencer marketing. 

With the target of establishing brand recall and presence among parents and teachers, Kiddopia turned to Good Creator Co. to launch a well-planned Influencer marketing campaign utilizing both YouTube and Instagram content creators, that would assist in achieving the desired target. 

Strategy: Curate content with a mix of mom bloggers and mom doctors to talk about parenting and the app, initiating curiosity among viewers about Kiddopia

Kiddopia built its campaign around an integrative marketing strategy that involved performance and influencer marketing. The campaign was executed in four phases over four weeks each :

While Phase 1 witnessed the influencers introducing the app to the audience and how to install it. Phase 2 involved the influencers educating their audience about how parenting has changed during the pandemic and how it’s important to keep kids busy with educational content while parents are busy with work from home.

Phase 3 focused more on the amazing game features of the app and where the kids could learn about different real-life professions. Phase 4 was crafted to include virtual sessions by medical experts to educate parents about mental development in children from 1-7 years of age and the relevance of educational content to boost that growth.

The brand additionally sponsored a live session between blogger mom and doctor mom. Prominent creators like Nisha Aggarwal, Shivangi Goel, Nisha Oswal and Isha Manju were among the shortlisted influencers, keeping in mind the need to optimize engagement and quality. The reach was amped up with relevant hashtags like #kiddopia #kiddopiaindia #Earlylearningadventures

Kiddopia’s campaign not only fulfilled its set objectives but also helped the brand’s social media account gain traction, helping them garner 6k followers from 100 followers. 

The partnership between The Good Creator Co and Kiddopia yielded effective results, your brand can reach millions of people too. All you have to do is click here and reach out to us