How Kushal’s teamed up with the Good Creator Co. to establish its brand recall as the most-desirable Fashion Jewellery

How Kushal’s teamed up with the Good Creator Co. to establish its brand recall as the most-desirable Fashion Jewellery

Kushal’s redefined its position as the go-to choice for fashion jewellery with strategic Influencer Marketing in 3 different phases. Each phase exceptional in its performance with a combined reach of 1.9M potential customers.

Objective : Develop engaging and unique content in each phase to create brand awareness and increase brand recall.

Kushal’s has always been a leading brand when it comes to its quality, variety and intricate designs. With the mission and vision to widen their reach, Kushal’s decided to get on board with the Good Creator Co. to achieve a tremendous outcome on this Influencer marketing path. Following the success of Kushal’s first campaign, two more campaigns were launched efficiently, thus making the Good Creator Co. a highly beneficial and reliable partner of Kushal’s.

Strategy-  Create engaging content that depicts Kushal’s as the all-in-one place for fashion jewellery, from traditional to trendy, for every occasion and every style.

Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there’ and Kushal’s understands this phrase perfectly and how people prefer different jewellery as per the occasion to add some pizzazz to their look. Ranging from traditional to trendy casual jewellery, Kushal’s has always won hearts with their unique design and quality products. And this remained the core focus of the content shared by selected influencers during the 3 phases of this campaign.

Phase 1 took the digital world on an aesthetic vibe with macro influencers like Bindu Gowda, Palak Kothari, and Neha Chatlani leading the digital march with content curated to inform potential customers about Kushal’s Bengaluru store launch with beautiful videos showcasing creators wearing Kushal’s jewellery with different outfits, ranging from festive looks to office looks. With close to 125 posts this campaign managed to reach 1.2 M viewers

 Phase 2 or Kushal’s Rakshabandhan Campaign won hearts with its content conveying the emotions of siblings during Rakshabandhan. The selected creators understood the symbolism of this occasion and created heartwarming content displaying Kushal’s jewellery as gifts sent to a sibling or received from a sibling. With just 10 posts, the response received was pleasantly surprising. 

Phase 3 of the campaign was launched as part of Kushal’s Diwali Campaign and it set the bar extremely high, when it outperformed the campaigns in phases 1 & 2 with 98.3% engagement ratio. With 7 eminent creators, including Kritika Sobti, Pragya Nagra and Sarita Agarwal, this campaign had close to 38 high-quality posts that helped Kushal’s reach potential customers in a short span of time.

Result: Together Kushal’s and the Good Creator Co succeeded in escalating Kushal’s brand recall as go-to choice for Fashion Jewellery

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