How The Beauty Co. turned to The Good Creator Co. as a growth partner and reached 4.8 million potential customers

How The Beauty Co. turned to The Good Creator Co. as a growth partner and reached 4.8 million potential customers

The Beauty Co. executed the biggest barter campaign with over 100 influencers to promote their new range of chocolate coffee products and reached upto 4.8 Million people

Objective:  Leverage influencers to create appealing content to create a strong desire in consumers to purchase The Beauty Co’s new products

The Beauty Co. is an ardent promoter of self-love through its products. They believe in remedying problems for the long run. Having identified the relevance of Influencer marketing in connecting with the right audience, The Beauty Co turned to the Good Creator Co to launch a perfectly strategized barter influencer campaign to market their new products post-launch. 

Strategy-  Generate exciting content that presents The Beauty Co.’s new range of chocolate coffee products as a reliable choice for skincare

‘It’s not hoarding if it’s skincare’ and The Beauty Co.’s products have always been focused on skincare that identifies with self-love. With their vision in mind, this campaign included content that clearly captured the excitement of influencers using the product, thus generating an urge in viewers to purchase the products.

Launched with 175 influencers based on their follower count, content quality and reach, this campaign focused more on creating an authentic experience for the influencers and their followers. As such, they sent a gift box of all products in the range to the selected influencers. Our crafty influencers created a memorable experience for their followers by unboxing the products, talking about the products and seeking their opinions. They also used and reviewed the products in the posts and talked about the reasons for using The Beauty Co’s new range. 

Following such interactive videos, the influencers encouraged the viewers to go to the brand’s website to check out the products. This campaign also helped the brand in acquiring reusable content. Notable influencers included Sheetal Musterya and Shivangi Goel.

Result: Together, The Beauty Co. and Good Creator Co. achieved the desired target and created product awareness and love in a cost-effective manner

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