The Good Creator Co. Helped Poppabum to Create Brand Awareness to Drive Sales

The Good Creator Co. Helped Poppabum to Create Brand Awareness to Drive Sales

Poppabum with their influencer marketing campaign generated 900k+ reach with just 11 posts. How? Read through. 

Objective: Drive people to checkout Poppabum’s products using brand awareness campaign 

Poppabum is a kids wear brand, creating premium quality products. What sets them apart from other brands is their vibrant colors emitting confidence and pop. Their motto is, “Kids be Poppin”. As said in their words – Colorful today. Happier tomorrow. To spread their brand message and create the buzz, they partnered with the Good Creator Co., launching a perfectly excellent campaign. Strategies were devised keeping the goal in mind and so were the influencers onboarded

Strategy: Showcasing how fashionable and chic the collection is using Parent-influencers or kids profile 

Poppabum is all about style and confidence. For parents and children who are sick of the mundane and traditional, Poppabum is on a mission to produce the remarkable and amazing, rebelling against the boring. An equally exciting strategy was needed for the success of this campaign. We onboarded influencers from the parenting category. To make it interesting and engaging, the influencers posted pictures with their kids wearing them and talking about how they loved it. 

The campaign ran over Instagram, as the target audience was more active on it. Micro and Macro influencers like  Shraddha Singh, Mili Jhaveri, and Farha Shaikh were selected and all of these performed equally well. Each influencer posted a story and post on their profile, directing their audience to the website through their story link. Excellent number of link clicks & page visits was noted. 

The campaign gained an excellent engagement using pictures of kids and their parents looking fashionable and pop. With a perfect sentiment score of 100% it created the interest in its audience about the product and drove traffic to Poppabum’s website urging them to buy the products. 

Hashtags like #PoppabumKids, #brandthatcares, #kidsbepoppin garnered 1.1 Mn reach

Results: By creating excitement around kids fashion Poppabum succeeded in its campaign 

Reaching millions with just a campaign may sound like an impossible task but it’s possible if you leverage influencer marketing in the right way. Every product and brand has an audience and to reach that audience the right way is through faces they can relate to. If you want your campaign to be hit like Poppabum’s, hit us up and we’ll plan it out together!