Influencer Marketing 101
Influencer Marketing 101

Welcome to India’s first Influencer Marketing crash course. Learn everything about influencer marketing, from planning to executing a successful campaign curated by India’s top experts experienced in managing 5000+ campaigns of brands like Prime, Netflix, Flipkart & many more.

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What is influencer marketing?

To start your influencer marketing, understand the primary difference between creators and influencers and what the current industry looks like—additionally, the various types of campaigns that brands leverage and how effective these collaborations are.


Setting up your campaign objectives

Every campaign needs some prerequisites in place before you begin with the planning stage. Know the prerequisites required, how to define your target audience, the types of objectives a brand can achieve, and KPIs. Then, what are the various strategies that help achieve these objectives while also discussing the budget brands need to start influencer marketing.


Finding the right influencer for your campaign

Every brand's biggest concern while planning an influencer campaign is finding the right influencers. Deep dive into the various influencer categories, know the top social media platforms, how to discover influencers based on different metrics, and how to price them for your campaigns.


Media plan and execution

Media plan and execution encompasses all the necessary information your brand needs to calculate the CPC, CPV, CTR and CPE and how to plan a content calendar timeline, from onboarding influencers to the end of the campaign.


Measuring results and analysis

To end the campaign, analyze the results and whether you met your goals. To efficiently do this, the video takes you through what a campaign report should entail and how to measure various metrics and analyze them compared to the set KPIs.


Influencer Commerce (Bonus)

Ever heard of the term “Influencer Commerce”? Know the meaning, how it came into play, how it has shaped the customer-brand relationship, and how brands integrate influencer commerce in their regular plans to sell more efficiently.

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