Best Influencer Marketing Tools you need to try for campaigns

Best Influencer Marketing Tools you need to try for campaigns

According to a report last year, about 80% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budget. Therefore, it is only fit to use the best influencer marketing tools to plan and execute these campaigns seamlessly.

Marketing campaigns aren’t impossible to implement, but they aren’t that easy either. Especially when those campaigns involve influencers, one can successfully launch an influencer campaign with the right tools. In fact, to ease your trouble, I’ll share a list of the best influencer marketing tools in the market currently.  

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience and build brand awareness. To make your influencer marketing campaigns successful, it’s essential to have the right tools to help you identify the right influencers, manage your campaigns, and measure your results. Here are some of the best influencer marketing tools you should try. So get your books ready to take notes:

But wait, let me tell you what influencer marketing tools are

Influencer marketing tools. What’s that? 

Influencer marketing tools are software platforms or services that help businesses to identify and connect with social media influencers for marketing campaigns. These tools typically offer a variety of features and capabilities that streamline the process of finding, vetting, and managing influencers. Some standard features of influencer marketing tools include

  1. Search and discovery: Tools may allow businesses to search for influencers based on criteria such as follower count, engagement rates, demographics, and content type.
  2. Analytics and reporting: Tools may provide data and analytics to help businesses track the performance of their influencer campaigns and measure the ROI.
  3. Campaign management: Tools may offer a range of features to help businesses manage influencer campaigns, including collaboration and communication tools, content scheduling, and performance tracking.
  4. Payment and contract management: Some tools may offer features for managing contracts and payments to influencers, such as automated invoicing and payment tracking.
  5. Relationship management: Some tools may provide features for managing relationships with influencers, such as tracking communication history, creating influencer databases, and organizing influencer profiles.

Examples of popular influencer marketing tools include AspireIQ, Upfluence, Traackr, and HYPR. 

Factors to consider when choosing an influencer marketing tool

Choosing the best influencer marketing tool for your business depends on several factors, including your budget, business goals, and the features that are most important to you. Here are some tips to help you choose the best influencer marketing tool:

  1. Objective: Before selecting an influencer marketing tool, it’s essential to identify your goals for the campaign. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or build customer loyalty? Understanding your goals will help you choose a tool that can help you achieve them.
  2. Budget: Influencer marketing tools can range from free to thousands of dollars per month. Consider your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on a tool.
  3. Features: Look for a tool that offers the features that are most important to you. Some key features include search and discovery, analytics and reporting, campaign management, and payment and contract management.
  4. Reviews: Research the tools you’re considering and read reviews from other users. This can help you understand the tool’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Integration: If you use other marketing tools, such as social media management or email marketing software, consider whether the influencer marketing tool can integrate with them.

Considering these factors, you can choose an influencer marketing tool that meets your business needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Best Influencer Marketing Tools 

To find influencers 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is an online social media management tool. It helps keep track of your social media during the time when the campaign goes live. The campaign can run on one or multiple platforms. The platform provides various tools for social listening, analytics, social media management, customer care, etc.

Services they offer –

  • Managing customer engagement online
  • Publishing and scheduling posts 
  • Access to social media analytics 
  • Social listening tool
  • Amplify your reach with employee advocacy 
Creator IQ 

Creator IQ is a software platform that helps brands and agencies manage their influencer marketing campaigns. The platform allows brands to discover and vet influencers based on various criteria, such as audience demographics, engagement rates, and content quality. The platform also facilitates communication between brands and influencers, making negotiating deals easier and ensuring that campaigns are executed smoothly. Brands can monitor metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed. 

Services they offer –

  • Find the right influencers according to the campaign requirements
  • Streamline content approval process 
  • Campaign management 
  • Reporting and analytics of campaign performance
The Good Creator Co.

A network where the best products and resources are combined with your influencers to increase your influence in the mind of your customers. Experience seamless data-based technology, have access to master classes from business professionals, get advice and resources to help you create cutting-edge content, and more. The Good Creator Co. platform provides a 360-degree influencer marketing platform with multiple tools and resources. 

Services they offer –

  • Discover relevant influencers
  • Design, customize and plan your complete campaigns in less than two min
  • Insight on influencers’ profiles straight from your browser
  • Automated end-to-end campaign execution 

Pitchbox is a software company that provides a platform for brands to streamline and optimize their outreach and influencer marketing campaigns. The platform is designed to help businesses build relationships with bloggers, social media influencers, and other relevant websites to promote their products or services.

Services they offer –

  • A database of millions of influencers
  • Automate outreach with personalized messages
  • Managing communications with influencers
  • Analytics and reports at the end of the campaign

Influencity is a software company that provides a platform for brands to find, analyze, and work with social media influencers to promote their products or services. The platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes create effective influencer marketing campaigns and track their performance.

Services they offer –

  • Find influencers from the database 
  • Analyze the performance of influencers
  • Campaign management tools
  • Tools to measure campaign results and ROI 

Brandwatch is a consumer-centric platform. It allows brands to monitor and analyze their online presence and reputation, helping businesses gain insights into their customers, competitors, and industry trends and make data-driven decisions to improve their brand’s performance. Keep your eyes open to not just one but multiple platforms for brand mentions and specific keywords. 

Services they offer –

  • Monitor social media conversations and mentions related to the brand
  • Analyze the sentiments of mentions and categorize 
  • Identify influencers from various platforms  
  • Monitor competitors’ online and analyze their performance
  • Generate insights into the online presence, audience demographics, and industry trends.

There is n number of tools available free of cost but you just need to find that one that fits your brand needs and you can crack successful influencer marketing campaigns. You can talk to our influencer marketing experts and get started.