Best New Year Social Media Posts Ideas for Marketers

Best New Year Social Media Posts Ideas for Marketers

Hiiii, we did it! We survived and thrived through one more year. Now it’s time to hit 2023. Excited? I am! I am also thrilled about your brand’s growth. Why? Well, I had been wracking my wits trying to figure out how we can amplify your brand’s growth. And it finally hit me at 2 am today. 2 AM !!! You better appreciate this blog. Let’s not waste time and get started, shall we?

Here’s the secret. Social Media Posts. What? Disappointed? Hold your coffee or tea *if you’re my kind of person* 

So, I did some research at 2 am (yes, I had to mention it again), and I have managed to compile the best ideas from the top 5 brands and their social media post ideas for New Year used on platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & others. Here we go (Thank me now!)- 

Rock it H&M style

Take a look at this social media post from H&M –so classy and how it vibes with New Year’s energy perfectly. 

Make Over with Asian Paints

Contests can never fail in achieving engagement and followers on social media, and Asian Paints surely understood how to hook their customers with the right tones. 

Playful with Playstation

Nah, I am not playing with words; I am just explaining the simple yet intriguing post by Playstation. It’s full of colors and immediately grabs viewers’ attention with its playful vibes

Drake it up with Dunzo

Like seriously, drake it up. That’s what Dunzo encouraged with their New Year post with a witty caption to go along with it.

Resolutions with Durex

More like a hilarious advertisement with innuendos implying how New year’s resolutions may not last long, but Durex products help in other ways. *cough*

I can suggest more. I have done my research after all, but maybe you can explore some of the post ideas I had recommended for Christmas.

And remember, if you wish to jumpstart your brand’s growth within 23 hours or less and have an amazing start to the Year 2023. You can start by scheduling a call with us.