Celebrating the unconditional love between pets and their parents—it doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Celebrating the unconditional love between pets and their parents—it doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Our furry Valentines had the best time at our Pawlentine’s Day celebration at Barker and Meowsky. From yummy doggo-friendly treats to paw painting, we organized a whole bunch of special activities to show just how much we pawsomely love them!

With the launch of their new pet motel, the Barker and Meowsky outlet in Khar now includes  five services that are perfect for pets. The first one being their agility park, where our furry friends can get their daily exercise and stay fit. Following their workout they can freshen up and look their best at the grooming and spa counter and grab a snack or drink at their human-friendly pet cafe seving up a delicious menu of items for both pets and their owners. And if you want some treats or toys to take home with you, just visit their store for all the specialty pets items you can desire. The highlight of the night was revealing the amazing new spaces they have recently rennovated to house and care for pets while their owners are busy or travelling. While dogs were our main guests for this event, it’s important to note that all of these services are tailored for both dogs and cats. With all these elements, Barker and Meowsky provides the perfect place for our furry besties to stay entertained and happy.

It wouldn’t be a GCC party if we didn’t add our own unique features to the days events. While creators are used to communicating with their fans, our pet psychic gave them the chance to finally tap into the feelings of their biggest fan of all! A cute photo booth and paw printing station also allowed our guest to take some fun memories home with them. Finally, our treasure hunt game allowed our guest and friends to sniff their way around the whole venue for clues and guaranteed 10 lucky winners with complementary stays at the pet motel.

With so many creators joining in the celebration with their own doggos, the crowd was buzzing with content fever with so many cute and furry subjects to film and photograph. That’s the power of content: eryone shared laughs and had a great time shooting it and we can only hope you all can feel the same energy viewing it. As this wraps up our second pet event, it is quickly becoming one of our fave categories and we can’t wait till the next occasion to celebrate our beloved animal companions and their loving carers.

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