How to find Micro Influencers to promote your brand or product

How to find Micro Influencers to promote your brand or product

“How to find micro influencers?” this is a topic of discussion between every marketer. If you’re an evident influencer fan, you can spot the various categories of influencers just like me. Funny enough, many of my friends (marketers) still debate if this classifying micro influencers or macro influencers even helps in some way. How else would you select the right influencer if not based on the category suiting your need? Brands are still  

But that’s not what I am here to talk about. You’d know about the rise of micro-influencers in the industry. If Queen Elizabeth is a celebrity, Princess Diana is a Micro-influencer winning over everyone’s heart. 

If you’re asking how to find Micro-influencers to promote your brand, let’s start with baby steps and explain the basics –

Who are Micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are social media personalities who have followers anywhere between 10k to 50k. These are similar to nano influencers with a strong bond and trust with their audience. Because of this, they make ideal influencers for brands looking to establish a genuine connection with their audience. 

What sets them apart is their high engagement rate!

They know how the business is and how to grow in it. 

Why are Micro-influencers more influential?

Celebrities have a large chunk of fans and followers religiously worshipping them, keeping a tab on all their moves, and getting inspired by many of them. Of course, all that is true, but their genuineness and authenticity with their followers shine our precious little diamonds apart.

Who would you trust? Priyanka Chopra or your best friend? No questions were asked there. It’s always the person you know. That’s why these advertisements always have familiar faces, preferably celebrities. But since the inception of influencer marketing, Micro-influencers have started to slowly replace celebrities as trustworthy faces. Thus, brands value Micro-influencers more when it comes to selling their products. Take a look –

This will help you as a brand in two ways –

  1. Honest feedback from influencers can help you develop and enhance the quality of your products. Thus, making it perfect for customers.
  2. People cherish a brand that values a good customer relationship. Micro-influencers are the key to an excellent customer-brand relationship.

Here are 3 ways to find Micro-influencers for your brand

Customers to influencers

Remember, you don’t need to be a CIA or FBI agent for it. It’s easy if you know where to look. Charity begins at home! 

Your brand has loyal customers and followers who share your content and talk about your brand. Many of these people are Micro-influencers. Look out for them. These influencers already have an existing customer base, especially for your brand and products. They can easily persuade their audience. 82% of people end up taking up the recommendation by a micro-influencer.

The groundwork is already laid. Play your cards right and seize the win.


If you have yet to try this, have you really been looking? Instagram is the birthplace of influencers. It’s the platform to look at. With over a billion users, Instagram will have influencers that can be categorised in your niche. Many wonder about the relevancy of hashtags. Well, they certainly help you get discovered. But! Yes, there’s a but, like always.

There’s a way of using Instagram #s. Assuming the more, the merrier, in this case, is fool’s gold. Quality over quantity works here. Posts with more than 3 to 5 hashtags aren’t worth investing time in. These are spammy. Focus on the quality of the content and the influencer’s engagement rate. Posts having less relevant hashtags are the ones you’re looking for.  

Make sure your hashtags are precise and include what you’re looking for.

GCC Creator Search

Okay, shameless plug-in, I know, but hear me out. We at GCC have a free tool available to brands that let you find influencers from various niches and categories with a set limit of minimum and maximum followers needed. 

Creator Search not just presents you with a list but also provides the Avg comments, Avg likes and engagement rate. This is to make your decision process confusing and hassle-free. And it’s available for free. No harm in trying. 

Apply filters, add keywords, if any, and sort them accordingly. Then, voila! Make your list ready in under 30 mins. 

Or, of course, you can look for other free and paid resources for micro-influencers. 

And let me wrap this blog up with another self-promotion. You know, if there’s one destination for executing successful and creative influencer marketing campaigns, it’s here. 

If you’ve stopped thinking and want to act on it. Schedule a free consultation call with our experts.