How to leverage Influencer Marketing for Christmas Campaigns

<strong>How to leverage Influencer Marketing for Christmas Campaigns</strong>

I am back. Oh wait, you don’t know who I am. Well, I am the helpful person who introduced you to The Good Creator Co.’s  Influencer Marketing crash course for free. If you missed it, you can access your success here. 

Now, I am going to be more helpful and elucidate how to leverage Influencer Marketing for Christmas Campaigns. After all, Christmas is all about the joy of giving, right? So, where do I start? 🤔I know, let’s start with simple validation of why you should consider Influencer Marketing at all.

Well, it’s the best way to boost your year-end revenue as customer flock to the markets to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones. And if you’re thinking India’s not much into Christmas celebration, think again about how much we’re adopting and adapting as per the western culture. Let’s just say, customers will be floored and will happily buy products recommended by their favourite creators. But how do we reach the right audience with Influencer Marketing? Any guesses? Let me do the honours –

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Marketing is no Christmas movie (you know, how the actor doesn’t realize he is in love till the actress walks away. Yup *rolling my eyes*, too). You have to be practical. Starting as early as the first week of December will lead to better reach and multiplied revenue. 

Don’t agree? Let’s learn from the #SayItWithGold Influencer Christmas campaign by Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher partnered with micro and macro creators to position their product as the ‘golden gift’ people should give their loved ones, making Christmas sweeter and more memorable. Creators like Melbourne Foodie, Ethel Diessa, and Nikole Smith were onboarded to entice customers to buy Ferrero Rocher with content highlighting the joy and smiles of loved ones as they received their ‘golden gift’

In simple words, they said it with gold (no it’s not a bad pun, it’s what the campaign implied. Without using words of gratitude, gift your loved ones with Ferrero gold)

Keep your customers close, super fans closer

Let me guess, you’re not aware who your super fans are? I got you!  Super fans are influencers that already use your products and will sincerely recommend your products to their loyal followers. And we can’t deny the necessity of authentic recommendations during the holiday season. Of course, it’s not easy to select the right influencers in the ocean of millions of influencers. You can turn to platforms like The Good Creator Co. to serve your purpose (yes, I totally took my marketing shot, not so subtle but you will thank me later). 

See why this strategy works with a lesson from Calvin Klein’s #CKHoliday Influencer campaign.

With their YouTube series called ‘In bed with…’ Calvin Klein featured videos of Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain getting ready for a holiday party hosted by CK. The mega-creators talked about random topics while putting on their CK favourites. This content strategy  was a massive success, grabbing more than 3 million views on just one video

Don’t be a Scrooge, embrace the joy of giving

No, I don’t mean give away your products for free to customers. But you can draw inspiration from The Body Shop’s #GiveWithJoy Influencer campaign.

It was during Christmas 2021, The Body Shop wanted to celebrate loved ones selflessly and so they encouraged customers to remember and gift selfless people in their lives the brand products for Christmas. They pledged to give a small amount of every purchase to women’s and children’s charities. 

The brand’s initiative to let customers buy products that give back to the community encouraged people to choose The Body Shop over other brands, thus generating higher ROI. 

I suppose the saying  ‘what you give, comes back 3X’ does work

Now, I can go on and on with more tips and tricks to help you leverage Influencer Marketing this Christmas, but I decided to go easy on you. You’re welcome! However, let me sum up a few important points to remember before you launch your campaign –

  1. Focus on what matters to your audience. Focus on resolving the pain points of your customers to drive sales
  2. Focus on emotional targetting. Craft the content strategy to appeal to the emotional side of your customer
  3. Focus on variety. Rather than working with only one type of influencer, focus on collaborating with creators across all niches, categories and types like micro, macro.

I believe now you’re almost ready to launch an everlasting Christmas Influencer Campaign. Of course, you can refer to our handbook on leading influencer campaigns to come up with out-of-the-box campaign ideas. Take a look here. (and don’t forget to thank me)

Finally, before I bid adieu, one last helpful tip for your brand’s growth. Collaborate with us. We at The Good Creator Co. do hold the experience of working with 1000+ brands and executing 5000+ successful campaigns. Our experts will be happy to guide you with your campaign. So, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation here.