The Curse of Influencer Marketing Solved

The Curse of Influencer Marketing Solved

There’s never ever been a more appropriate perfect time for marketing than right now, like seriously P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Social media is going bonkers. It’s blowing up bigger than a helium-filled balloon at a birthday party. From advertising to promoting to delivering video content that eats up half your day’s time (guilty as charged), and guess what? Brands are straight-up slaying it with the innovative ways they’re leveraging influencer marketing. 

You know it yourself being hooked on a constant loop of watching beauty and fashion hauls, the two top niches in our field, finance gurus, tech advisors etc. It’s getting difficult to keep count of the types of niches that are grown from netizens’ interests. All this, and you’re still haunted by the old as-hill curse of influencer marketing barely getting results and the right influencers? Sounds scary for your business! 

It’s a chain of trust factor. Your customers and audience trusting your brand are directly proportional to the influencers you work with. If they don’t know you why would they want you? Not knowing someone and asking them to trust you is like me trying to make a good decision with a chimichanga in my hand. It’s a no-brainer!

The more they trust and relate to the influencer, the more they trust the brand. Easy-peasy! And ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly why introducing influencer marketing to your brand’s marketing strategy is sooooo needed. Take a look –

  1. Increased reach – Who doesn’t like popularity? 
  2. Greater credibility – Popularity with trust? Hell yeah!!
  3. Improved engagement – Everyone talks about you or to you 
  4. Cost-effective – And they want you so bad 😉

I mean, we do love an over glam of the brand, don’t we? But sometimes, even traditional influencer marketing can backfire with results we don’t want or expect. Here are a few potential limitations to traditional influencer marketing:

  1. No Guaranteed ROI: If you’re someone who’s in for the commitment, it can get a little dicey at times. There’s a degree of uncertainty and risk involved, especially if you calculate the investments 
  2. Not scalable: It can be an effective strategy for reaching a target audience, but it may only be scalable for some brands or products since too many factors are involved. Like, as building relationships with influencers, managing resources, aligning campaign and brand goals etc.
  3. Results are not trackable: What do you track if you have no metrics? Results are only trackable if brands have clear goals, consistent metrics, or access to the data they need to measure. 
  4. Time-consuming: It involves involving more human elements in your campaigns. Of course, it’ll take time. It’s like dancing to a different tune all at once. Identifying relevant influencers, researching, building a relationship with them, creating content plans and quality-checking their content. All that takes time.

Everything has its pros and cons, don’t you agree? Influencer marketing has a great way to market and position your brand, but we have something that gives you all these two factors and also solves the above issue.

We at GCC have cracked the code. We found a loophole in the existing system to get brands guaranteed results within their preferred budget through GCC’s Programmatic Campaigns! 

It’s purely ROI-driven, and guarantees results such as clicks, website visits, and the number of orders for a brand’s influencer marketing spends, which is difficult to achieve otherwise. All thanks to our high-tech-driven tools, campaigns are executed timely and efficiently. Genius, right? *smug face*

How is it the Superman of all?

  • Repeatable and scalable RoI
  • Guaranteed campaign results
  • Brand’s pay based on the results
  • Large-scale creator activation 
  • Fast execution

It’s not thermodynamics. It’s a simple mechanism – 

  1. We marvellously design the campaigns and content strategy, keeping the objectives and KPIs in mind. 
  2. The campaign is launched on the app and catches the eyeballs of about 1 million creators. 
  3. But we value relevancy, so your campaigns are executed with relevant creators based on the brand’s target group.
  4. Once the campaign is over and results are achieved as desired, the creators get paid based on their performance in the campaign.
  5. The brand (YOU) only pays for the results. 

What if these creators don’t appeal to your audience? 

We don’t call ourselves the biggest creator ecosystem for nothing. Our creator community spreads its wings across different regions, languages, cities and genres, ensuring the brand can meet its closest possible requirement. This helps us ensure we can offer the brand the best quality content promoting the brand’s ethos, effectively promising an impactful and successful campaign.

All in all, programmatic campaigns help you with the desired results for your brand and offer brand awareness and recall, generate traffic on the brand’s social media and website, help with conversion and generate more UGC content. Get started with your campaign!