The Good Creator Co. Events & Experiences Recap 2022 is here!

The Good Creator Co. Events & Experiences Recap 2022 is here!

2022 was really something at The Good Creator Co. Was it better than 2021? Definitely. Better than 2023? We doubt it, because we have some big exciting plans for the year ahead! But before we move forward, let’s take a moment to reflect, look back, and appreciate all the awesomeness we achieved in 2022! As our co-founder MissMalini always says, it’s off #tothemoon from here!

Good Creator Co. Launched

Just one year ago, we announced that MissMalini Entertainment, Plixxo, Winkl and Vidooly would be joining forces with the Good Glamm Group to launch Good Creator Co., India’s largest creator ecosystem. Our mission was to facilitate and provide all the necessary tools, insights, and contacts required to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving creator economy. This mission was divided into three objectives: providing creators campaign management and data tools with our very own all-in-one app, lending knowledge and best practices to upcoming creators with the Good Creator Academy learning platform, and building stronger creator communities and collaboration opportunities through awesome experiential events. This list will focus on our community-building objectives in 2022 and will highlight all of the amazing events we were able to pull off last year. 

Actually, if we are completely honest, it naturally took us some time to get all our ducks in a row after the merger and we only really kicked off our event calendar on July 1st last year. So imagine what we will accomplish in 2023 with a full year ahead of us! 

Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022

The rise and prominence of creators has steadily grown every year, and what better way to highlight that fact in 2022 than by launching Dabboo Ratnani’s first-ever Creator Calendar! While we all know him for his Bollywood celebrity portraits, we partnered with Dabboo Ratnani to focus his lens on the new breed of celebrity capturing the imaginations of India. This time around, for the first time ever, Dabboo Ratnani captured the magic of our social media screens and the rising fame and mass appeal of the Indian creator. Our first calendar featured 12 creators with a combined following of more than 75.5 MILLION (!). What better way to put creators in the spotlight than being featured in one of India’s most highly collectable and visible annual media properties?

#IRLFeelItReelIt Parties

Our goal was never just to throw the same old parties you attend every weekend but to design unique gatherings that seamlessly integrate fun content and collaboration opportunities. We partnered with some of the coolest venues in town to bring our concept of the IRLFeelItReelIt party to life: a safe and inclusive space to connect with your peers and create fun reels together! And if you were too shy to make the first step, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with content ideas that would connect you with fellow creators in your genre. As our first parties were just around the time when Covid restrictions were loosening, we witnessed a real thirst and enthusiasm from our members to collaborate with fellow creators in person again. The positive feedback from our very first #IRLFeelItReelIt parties were the first hints that we were on the right track!

Reimagining Event Content

Why stop at just making reels together? Our events evolved to include some really awesome content-making opportunities that went way beyond your standard photo booth (though we still had those too). We always made it a point to include some creative content element in our parties, whether it was creating your own Instagram gifs at our green screen station or shooting a selfie with India’s first digital influencer Kyra. We curated content experiences that blended with the theme of our parties and did not feel like a chore. The list goes on: selfie mirrors, shooting your podcast cover photo, talking to a pet psychic, makeup and bedazzling, large-scale photo installations, gamified interviews, or our famous creator bingo. Our parties guarantee you will go home with more than just a selfie or a group photo, but a brand new core memory and Instagram content to match!

Exploring Genres

We understand that not all creators can be painted with the same brush, so we focused on providing a wide range of events that catered to various genres and formats. In 2022, we were able to curate unique experiences that focused on each of these categories: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, dance, female leadership and entrepreneurship, petfluencers, finance, fitness, education, modelling, acting, shopping, podcasting and more! And there are still so many more genres to explore.

Pan India Meetups

Apart from just genres, we also understood how regional differences influence the unique identities of creators outside our home base of Mumbai. As our event calendar continued to grow through the year, we received a flood of messages from creators across India to visit and organize an event in their city. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to organize creator meetups in Goa, New Delhi, and Chennai, and we have every intention to expand our reach as we continue to grow. 

Sharing Knowledge   

While we have focused on the content, networking, and entertainment provided by our events thus far, we also made it a point to provide valuable learning opportunities for our member guests. We provided mentorship in the areas of fashion, modelling, dancing and acting by way of individual guest collaborators and organized large-scale learning events focused on monetising content and becoming a podcaster. Our shared learning experiences provide the personal touch and opportunities for discussion that creativity requires. You can’t find that on Google!

Learning from the Best

We didn’t just get normal guest collaborators–we partnered with some prominent names in their respective categories. These included styling and posing tips from Shereen Lovebug, hook steps and dance choreography with Melvin Louis, fashion makeovers with Chitrangda Singh, styling & modelling with designer Rocky S., content monetisation with Ayush Shukla, Yasmin Karachiwalla, Shraddha Kapoor, and Sejal Kumar, the funny side of pet ownership with comedian Nitinn Miranni, acting with Anmol Prasher, and podcasting with 18 established podcasters including Neha Dhupia. And that’s not even mentioning all the big-name creators and personalities who attend our events as guests!

Celebrating Tentpole Days

While it’s impossible to predict the next big trend, every creator can take time on the eve of the new year to plan ahead for upcoming tentpole days. Apart from providing themes for content, top-notch creators know how important these days are for brands’ annual marketing calendars. We partnered with boAt to bring for an awesome F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV show-themed party on Friendship Day, promoted 16 parties across 7 cities for Social on Halloween, and partnered with various brands at Jio World Drive to mark Children’s Day and Christmas with fun curated days of shopping, food, and entertainment. Connecting with brands will always be an important skill for a creator. We’ve managed to work with some great brands outside of tentpole days, (remove previous comma)too, including Wiggles, trueBrowns, Jio World Drive, RIGI, Amazon Music, HubHopper, Monkey Shoulder, boAt, Myglamm, The British Brow Bar, The Barrel & Co, Diablo, Younion Mumbai, Hyatt Centric Juhu, Sirona, Socials, Hamley’s and a whole host of some of the coolest venues and innovative restaurant brands out there.   

Our Wins are your Wins

While we reflect on our achievements from this past year, we hope you have a sense of pride and accomplishment too. It has always been our goal that our events are not just fun, but offer some value to your life and career as a creator. This would not have been possible without our community’s continuing growth and engagement, which now stands at more than 13k members on our Facebook Group. We will continue to offer more unique prizes and experiences to the most engaged members of our community. Last year, besides many opportunities to win prizes and giveaways in our group, we were mindful of always providing opportunities for GCC members to get exclusive access and perks for some of our coolest events–and all it took was usually a simple comment! Whether it’s access to a dance workshop, getting beauty treatments at the MyGlamm store, networking with Bossladies over dinner, or getting styled by Chitrangada Singh herself, we hope you will keep engaging with us and letting us know what you crave next in the year ahead! Remember, this community is for YOU, so let’s create some magic together in 2023!  

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“It has been incredibly satisfying to see the evolution of Social Media Influencers since I started my journey 15 years ago, so it is my heartfelt ambition to build an inclusive, inspiring and exciting community for creators big and small. We are all made of the same mettlejack of all, go-getters, and hustle-harders with a deep-rooted passion for our content. That is why our events and experiences offer a heightened sense of reality where guests really “get it” and understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into a creator’s journey. If we at Good Creator Co. can help validate, encourage, support and enable this community that I love so dearly, then we are doing something right. Be part of our adventures in 2023. I promise you a magical ride! #tothemoon” – Malini Agarwal – Founder MissMalini Entertainment, Co-Founder Good Creator Co.