1 Giveaway, 1 Macro-Influencer and 1 Hit Campaign

1 Giveaway, 1 Macro-Influencer and 1 Hit Campaign

The Story of Curate Health’s influencer marketing campaign

About the brand:

Curate Health is on a sole mission to help women reverse PCOS by building long-term health habits by providing personalised wellness plans according to each individual need. It focuses on holistic healthcare, reducing dependence on medicines, and addressing the root cause. 

Objective: Promoting the brand and its initiative by organising a Giveaway on Instagram

Curate Heath wanted to launch a campaign that spread the word about the brand and encouraged people to participate in the giveaway. We aimed to target the right set of audiences, engaging and educating them about PCOS and how women affected overcome it by a shift in lifestyle, changing their health holistically. The brand executed the campaign using our Campaign Manager within a limited budget of 23K on GCC Campaign Manager. 

Strategy: A health and lifestyle influencer encouraging people to participate. Thus, increasing engagement and brand awareness

Our DIY campaign allows the brand to plan the campaign using the GCC Campaign Manager.  Similarly, Curate’s campaign was planned by the Campaign Manager with the assistance of our support team whenever needed.   

The DIY campaign gave Curate complete control and ownership of the campaign from start to end. Using the platform, they were able to plan everything. With this, the brands don’t have to worry about the briefs or finding influencers. The campaign brief is already present in the planner. The user can either edit it or send the exact copy. The brief is proofread well before sending by the support team. 

Onboarding influencers might sound daunting, but our planner has data on over 1 Million creators. And not to worry, Curate didn’t have to go through hundreds of profiles. Our tech provides multiple filters specifying their gender, follower count, type, niche, engagement rate etc. With this, the brand was quickly able to send out invites to influencers and onboard the right influencer in the correct niche. 

With our Campaign Manager, you don’t have to worry about starting a conversation with influencers. Send invites to your choice of influencers, and once accepted, start the conversation. Share briefs, approve content, and check the final content.

Ayesha Khurana is a micro health and lifestyle influencer creating content around fitness, fashion tips and fragments of her life. The content was designed keeping the needs of the brand in mind. An Instagram reel that placed the brand in the viewer’s minds and shared the details of the giveaway (what it is and how to participate) was shared. 

The giveaway offered 40 winners a PCOS reversal plan and many other benefits. This prompted an overwhelming response from people


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