A Symphony of Technology and Music with Flipkart

A Symphony of Technology and Music with Flipkart


The goal of this campaign was to create a unique and immersive launch campaign for Nokia’s new Smart TV. The campaign leveraged the extensive reach of creators from the tech world and artists. It aimed to generate excitement, engage the target audience, and drive sales through a harmonious blend of music, technology, and e-commerce. To do so it worked with The Good Creator Co. to plan and execute the campaign


The campaign began with extensive market research to pinpoint the target audience and comprehend their preferences, interests, and online habits. We roped in creators and artists like Beebom and Prateek Kuhad. The overarching strategy aimed to capture attention by showcasing the TV’s superior sound feature, as discussed in Prateek’s Instagram Live concert, and ultimately drive purchases, as emphasized by Beebom and other creators’ videos. 

Prateek performed a live concert on his Instagram page for viewers. The concert began with Prateek melodiously swooping the viewers and engaging them in having a good time. To enhance the concert experience, he showed off Nokia’s Smart TV capabilities, and its superior audio and visual features creating viewers’ interest in the product. This campaign was a blend of technology and music, leaving a lasting impression on consumers and establishing Nokia’s new Smart TV as a must-have entertainment device. 


With our GCC tools, we tracked down the real-time analytics of the campaign. This collaboration resulted in the campaign garnering an impressive 600K views and creating significant buzz and positive PR for the Nokia Smart TV. 

By strategically blending Prateek Kuhad’s music, Flipkart’s e-commerce expertise, and Nokia’s Smart TV features, The Good Creator Co. created a memorable and impactful campaign that resonates with the audience, driving both engagement and sales.

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