Brand Awareness Parade for Tata CLiQ’s newly launched brand 

Brand Awareness Parade for Tata CLiQ’s newly launched brand 

About the brand:

In a world where personal style is celebrated and self-expression knows no bounds, Tata CLiQ unveils its newest masterpiece: the Palette App. Tata CLiQ’s Palette App is prepared to revolutionise how beauty aficionados discover, curate, and celebrate their individual glam-up looks with just a click online.

Objective: Increase brand awareness about the newly launched Tata CLiQ Palette App

The primary objective of Tata CLiQ’s influencer campaign for the newly launched Palette app was to increase brand awareness and generate buzz around the app’s Republic Day Sale. The campaign aimed to leverage the reach and credibility of influencers to effectively communicate the features and benefits of the Palette app to a broader audience.

Considering the popularity of beauty influencers, the campaign fetched results that the brand hoped for.

Strategy: Reeling through Instagram with beauty creators

The success of any influencer campaign heavily depends on selecting the right influencers. These influencers likely had a significant following, an engaged audience, and a demonstrated interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle – the core themes of the Palette app.

The content created by the influencers played a crucial role in conveying the key aspects of the Palette app. Creators made reels and shared stories to showcase products from the app in action. Since the campaign was a Republic Day special, it was also the time to be reeling in the spirit of the New Year and new pledges.  

The concept of these videos was centred around new beauty resolutions and pledges one would be taking or finding the perfect product matches on the app to glam up your looks. The campaign hashtags were #MyPalettePledges, #FindYourMatch, #CLiQToMatch,  #YourBeautyMatched. 

Higher engagement rates indicated that the content resonated with the audience, and comments could reveal questions, concerns, or positive feedback that the brand can address.

The campaign was focused on both Instagram and YouTube with micro and macro make-up artists and beauty creators such as Diksha Sachdev, Alina Hasan Rizvi, Tarini Shah, Aashi Adani and many more. Soumya Gupta and Diksha Sachdev were top performers.

Results: Extravagant results of strategically leveraging influencer content

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