Hindustan Times Elevates YouTube Presence with GCC Brand Suite- Leaderboard

Hindustan Times Elevates YouTube Presence with GCC Brand Suite- Leaderboard


Hindustan Times aimed to solidify its position as the No. 1 English news channel on YouTube in India by leveraging the GCC Brand Suite: Leaderboard tool to monitor competitors and enhance its content strategy.


In the super competitive landscape of digital media, the Hindustan Times recognized the need to stay ahead in the online space, particularly on YouTube. The decision to invest in GCC Brand Suite: Leaderboard was driven by the tool’s ability to track competitors, analyze performance metrics, and provide actionable insights.

How it Worked

Identifying Competitors:

Hindustan Times utilized Leaderboard to identify key competitors in the English news segment on YouTube. This involved analyzing channels with similar content, target audience, and engagement metrics.

Performance Analysis:

The Leaderboard tool enabled Hindustan Times to conduct a comprehensive performance analysis of its identified competitors. Metrics such as views, engagement rates, and subscriber growth were meticulously examined to understand the market dynamics.

Real-time Monitoring:

One of the key features of Leaderboard is real-time monitoring. Hindustan Times was able to stay agile and responsive by tracking competitor activities and industry trends, allowing for swift adjustments to their content strategy.

Audience Engagement Enhancement:

Leaderboard’s analytics provided valuable information on audience preferences and behaviours. Hindustan Times capitalized on this data to enhance audience engagement by creating content that resonated with their target demographic.


As a result of implementing GCC Brand Suite: Leaderboard, Hindustan Times witnessed a significant boost in its YouTube performance. The channel experienced a substantial increase in views, engagement, and subscriber base. Within a short timeframe, the Hindustan Times successfully claimed the coveted position of the No. 1 English news channel on YouTube in India.


The strategic adoption of GCC Brand Suite played a pivotal role in Hindustan Times’ journey to YouTube supremacy. By leveraging data-driven insights, the news channel surpassed competitors and established a dynamic and adaptive digital presence, securing its position as a leader in the English news segment on YouTube.

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