HomeLane launches a celebrity-led influencer campaign

HomeLane launches a celebrity-led influencer campaign


Homelane, a prominent home interior platform, revolutionizes living spaces with creative and practical design, providing comprehensive solutions that emphasize visually appealing modular furniture and cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and 3D visualization.

The objective of the campaign was to enhance brand recognition and facilitate conversions by strategically targeting a specific audience. This audience primarily comprises new homeowners aged between 30 and 50 years, residing in cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, and Mumbai. The campaign was meticulously crafted with the goal of catering to their preferences, ensuring a hassle-free experience in transforming their interiors.


In order to promote the brand extensively, the campaign required an individual with a substantial fan base & a familiar relatable face. With the aim to reach out to a large audience, our team navigated through the roaster Macro influencers and celebs to select Regina Cassandra, as the celebrity influencer of the campaign, who has popularity via the movie industry in the South to the right age audience. 

The primary emphasis of the campaign was on producing White labelled content for the brand, which can be used to run ads and promote them on the brand’s Instagram page as well. Viewers were educated about Homelane’s products and services through these videos. 

Our team meticulously crafted content scripts, ensuring alignment with the campaign’s objectives and messaging.

  1. Informative video with insight into the brand’s products and other services it offers to make its customers’ lives easy.
  1. A short 6-second video for brand recall that can be used as ads online

Regina was the perfect face for the campaign as it attracted a lot of attention making the campaign a success. 


This video served as a strategic move that significantly contributed to the campaign. Regina brought authenticity and emotion to the idea, creating a connection with viewers that transcended the product or service being promoted. Through this HomeLane showcased its personality, story, and unique selling points, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and fostering a strong brand presence. 

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