How Deconstruct increased its sales with Programmatic Influencer Marketing

How Deconstruct increased its sales with Programmatic Influencer Marketing

With so many skincare brands out there, what sets Deconstruct apart? It’s their authenticity. Deconstruct offers science-backed, innovative skincare products for all skin types and conditions. They also ensure that their users are aware of both the positive and negative aspects of their products as well as skincare in general through their blogs and social media platforms.

Challenge: The brand got very few orders and low-value orders despite huge spending with Influencer marketing

The brand’s influencer marketing campaign did not meet its objectives despite significant investment. In particular, the campaign resulted in very few orders, and the orders that did occur were low-value orders. The brand had hoped that traditional influencer marketing techniques would be enough to drive sales for high-value products, but this was not the case.

How Programmatic Influencer Marketing Helped Deconstruct?

You must know how crazy the skincare fever is at the moment, and rightly so. Establishing your brand as the go-to in this market can be challenging. Traditional influencer marketing is effective for large brands seeking brand recall and awareness, but our performance campaigns are designed for brands seeking tangible results – like Deconstruct!

Our programmatic influencer campaign activated a community of nano and micro-influencers to participate in the campaign and spread the word about the brand, achieving its objective. As a result, the campaign was a hit, surpassing its target with an average order value of Rs. 471. Overall, the e-commerce conversion rate was 1.2%.

Why Programmatic Influencer Marketing stands out?

The program guarantees results such as clicks, website visits, and the number of orders for a brand’s influencer marketing spends. This is difficult to achieve with traditional influencer marketing.

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