How FECCE Cosmetics Increased Traffic to Their Amazon Product Listing Page

How FECCE Cosmetics Increased Traffic to Their Amazon Product Listing Page

Looking for an exquisite skincare experience? FECCE Cosmetics offers gentle, natural, and effective toxic-free and pH-balanced products. It’s not just another skincare brand but utilizes plant-based ingredients to procure fragrance-free, high-quality products for its customers.

Challenge: Influencer marketing was not achieving the targeted CPS

FECCE is one of the brands available on Amazon. Usually, anything you buy online can be easily found on Amazon, making it a go-to place for shoppers. Keeping their product page’s traffic on Amazon in mind, the objective was to exceed the existing website sessions on Amazon. Therefore, the biggest challenge was to drive sessions on Amazon rather than the brand’s website.

How Programmatic Influencer Marketing Helped FECCE Cosmetics

To increase sales, the campaign activated nano and micro-influencers, who have a high conversion rate that could help achieve the brand’s goal. To increase website sessions, the brand launched a sale with compelling offers and used influencers. The campaign successfully reduced its CPS.

The campaign attracted attention and eventually led people to the Amazon website. The campaign drove 8K sessions to the brand’s Amazon page with a Cost Per Session (CPS) of ₹5.

Why Programmatic Influencer Marketing stands out?

The program guarantees results such as clicks, website visits, and the number of orders for a brand’s influencer marketing spends. This is difficult to achieve with traditional influencer marketing.

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