How Puma Got Running Success – Let’s Walk Through It

How Puma Got Running Success – Let’s Walk Through It

Puma can probably sweep you off your feet faster than a sprinter on roller skates. Their cool sportswear, which is a blend of fashion and comfort, can make you feel like a runway model any day.

Whether you are in a gym or park, people will have to run to match up with your style.

It is one of the best brands which offer a fusion of fashion and comfort. Puma helps you to push your limits in the gym while looking like a fashion model. 

Become unstoppable with Puma. 

Challenge: The Running King Of Fashion did not know how to take a pool of creators live in less than 3 days for their campaign

Puma had a clear goal in their mind, and that was to get maximum engagement and reach for their campaign. However, their biggest problem was to onboard enough creators for their launch in 3 days.

How Smart Campaigns Helped Puma?

Traditional influencer marketing is difficult to track and does not give a measurable return on the money invested.

Our programmatic influencer marketing onboarded more than 300 micro and nano influencers to participate in the campaign. It turned out to be one of the biggest campaigns of the year. The reach was around 500k with an engagement rate of 98k+.

This was done in less than 72 hours. The cost per post was even less than INR 500.

Why do Smart Campaigns stand out?

The program guarantees results such as clicks, website visits, and the number of orders for a brand’s influencer marketing spends. This is difficult to achieve with traditional influencer marketing.

Try a programmatic campaign for your brand with a budget of less than Rs.50,000. Plan your campaign!