How Rustic Art Shampoo Curled Its Way To Success

How Rustic Art Shampoo Curled Its Way To Success

Want to preserve the “hair-itage” passed on by your grandmother? Reminiscing about your mother’s hair care wisdom?

Then look no further than Rustic Art Shampoo.

The biodegradable and chemical-free shampoo can brush off all your hair woes.

Objective: Increase Brand Awareness For The Hair-Worthy Shampoo

The objective of the Rustic Art Shampoo was:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Onboard verified influencers who could deliver top-notch content

The brand wanted high-quality and relatable user-generated content that they could use for ads and social media.

UGC content works best for brands as their target audience relies more on the recommendations of influencers than on typical sales pitches.

It also enhances credibility and trust as the customers feel more connected to the brand.

The challenge was to select a roster of nano and micro-influencers who could make the content as per the brand’s guidelines.

Now to free them of the hassle of onboarding so many influencers in a short duration and get good content made, Good Creator Co joined hands with Rustic Art Shampoo. 

Strategy: Use Creator Roster To Generate Brand Awareness 

After carefully examining the audience and engagement rate of influencers, we onboarded 15 influencers for this campaign. 

Each influencer was asked to make a reel showing the product and how easy it is to use that. They carefully displayed the application of the soap shampoo and the before and after impact on their hair. The creators added their own personality to advertise the biodegradable bougie product.

Some of the best-performing reels were


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