How Shoppers Stop Used Programmatic Influencer Marketing for Reducing Cost per Session

How Shoppers Stop Used Programmatic Influencer Marketing for Reducing Cost per Session

Shoppers Stop needs no introduction. It’s a well-established brand popular among shoppers looking for everything from apparel to accessories to footwear to luxury and affordable fashion. Even beauty products are available at their beauty division SSBeauty! They have a mixture of national and international brands available to customers visiting their offline online stores.

Challenge: Traditional influencer marketing led to high website Cost per Session.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, SSBeauty ran a special sale on their website with big offers up for grabs and wanted to promote it. However, the brand faced a challenge as traditional influencer marketing couldn’t guarantee the results and the cost per session (CPS) on the website was high.

How Programmatic Influencer Marketing Helped Shoppers Stop

The program helped the brand to activate the Nano and micro-influencer community, generating high engagement, conversion rates, and a great trust factor from their audience. Programmatic influencer marketing proved to be the best solution to achieve the brand’s objective of reducing the CPS on the website while also driving traffic for their sale.

The program helped the brand drive traffic to its website while also reducing the CPS on its website to Rs.30.

Why Programmatic Influencer Marketing stands out?

The program guarantees results such as clicks, website visits, and the number of orders for a brand’s influencer marketing spends. This is difficult to achieve with traditional influencer marketing.

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