How “What Jhumka” Became the online sensation

How “What Jhumka” Became the online sensation

Objective: Promote the movie’s song and trailer to scale up views 

Remember the time when everyone was grooving on the hit number What Jhumka in 2023 and everyone was hooked on to the step. But how did that become a thing? MyGlamm, the beauty partner of the movie, wanted to promote “What Jhumka” and the movie trailer. We at The Good Creator Co. did it in the most unexpected manner. By hooking people to the beats, of course! Keeping reading for the details.

Strategy: Nano and micro creators hooked viewers with their moves additionally increasing trailer views 

The campaign was divided into 2 phases

  1. “What Jhumka” hook step challenge
  2. Trailer launch

Campaign 1 started with spreading the groves of the song across Instagram. 

Over 115 nano and micro influencers recreated and shared the hookstep on their Instagram profiles garnering a reach of over thousands of views and a good engagement in a short span of time. The campaign didn’t just focus on the dance moves but captured the essence of love and beauty in every step. 

Check it out

Campaign 2 on the other hand, focused on getting eyeballs for the trailer launch. It was just one simple task. Post a story announcing MyGlamm as the beauty sponsor & pushing their audience to check the trailer. 

And it worked like magic!!

More than 1200 influencers were part of it reaching millions of people using just Instagram stories 


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