How X-rated liquor increased followers on Instagram

How X-rated liquor increased followers on Instagram

X-rated liquor increased followers on Instagram and established its presence as the go-to choice for premium liquor. With the campaign spanning over 9 days, the brand successfully attained 1851 followers.

Objective-  To increase followers for X-Rated’s Instagram page through a contest

The Campari Group launched its popular fusion liqueur ‘X-Rated’ in the Indian market in Sept 2022. Known for its unique bottles, pink liquid, and sweet and delicious flavours, it’s gaining popularity amongst youngsters. X-Rated is made with ultra-premium vodka sourced from the Champagne and Ardennes regions of France.

When X-rated teamed up with The Good Creator, it wanted to increase X-rated’s Instagram followers from 27 to 500+ and for successful implementation, the brand onboarded lifestyle and entertainment creators with high engagement.

Strategy –  A contest launched over 9 days with content created by Lifestyle and entertainment creators

The campaign spanned over 9 days, and we went live with Selly on the very first day of the campaign. He delivered two stories attracting the audience. While on the second day, we activated two premium lifestyle influencers-  Anmol & Anusha. Day 3 of the campaign witnessed content by Dhriti. 

On Campaign day 4, Simran Makhwana’s reel went live as a collaborator post which upon boosting got 45.3k views and Sanya, Mahira and Sana also took their stories live. We also activated 20 Meme pages targeting a 10M follower base. On Day 5, the meme pages shared the teaser video we had created on stories in the afternoon. 

No activities were lined up for day 6 & & as we wanted the followers to grow organically to see the impact of the 5th day. We achieved the target of 700 followers and exceed the same by 132 i.e total of 832 followers from 27 followers.

For Campaign day 8, We took the learnings from the previous days and onboarded entertainment creators and meme pages to continue the activity. We also onboarded 6 Meme Pages with a total follower base of 5M and made them live.

To conclude the campaign, we onboarded Shaamon & Azzamol as entertainment creators for the last day of the campaign which had high engagement and a regional audience.

Results :

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