Labrada Nutrition’s DIY, budget-friendly and effective campaign

Labrada Nutrition’s DIY, budget-friendly and effective campaign

About the brand:`

Labrada Nutrition is a brand that aims to empower people with a healthy lifestyle using nutritional products. Not only this, but they also educate people using their content on the importance of health, fitness and nutrients. 

Objective: Powering its entrance into the market by building-up brand awareness and credibility 

Labrada Nutrition, a US-based company, aimed to educate and spread awareness, not just about the brand but also about the importance of keeping oneself fit and healthy and acquiring a new audience base. To do so, it leveraged our Campaign Manager to launch a budget-friendly influencer marketing campaign that created the buzz. The brand devised a plan for the campaign with a high RoI under a budget of 50K.

Strategy: Collaborating with Micro-influencers and leveraging Instagram Reels and stories

We at The Good Creator Co. consider the brand’s budget and aim before planning a campaign. With a desire to customise its budget and campaign plan, Labrada Nutrition opted for our DIY campaign. Through this, they planned their strategies, shortlisted influencers and executed the campaign on GCC Campaign Manager with the assistance of our assigned expert. 

Campaign Manager provides a smooth and comfortable experience to the user (we don’t say it, brands do), quenching the thrust for the most suitable influencers. With Campaign Manager, the brand easily shortlisted the right faces and communicated directly with creators in real-time via a chat. These were Health and Fitness Micro-influencers with a giant reach and all fitting into the desired budget of the campaign. 

These were Reel videos (for maximum impact)  wherein influencers talked about fitness and nutrition to build that fit body. Highlighting Labrada’s Creatine powder, they shared how to use it, its benefits and a caveat about similar duplicate products in the market. Thus, establishing brand credibility. 

The campaign ran across Instagram for two weeks. The top performers were Kunal Singh and Sumeet Suryodhan, with more than 50K reaches each, tagging Labrada Nutrition in the captions. 

Rest assured, to launch a budget-friendly campaign, there’s a support team to help the brand navigate through the tool(s). And if you’re wondering about technicalities, Campaign Manager is user-friendly, keeps a record of your campaign and budget, and lets brands run the campaign at their own pace. 

Results: High RoI with a limited budget

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