#10second rule with Lifebuoy influencer campaign

#10second rule with Lifebuoy influencer campaign

Lifebuoy is the world’s #1 selling germ protection soap marketed by Unilever. With the vital USP of ‘You only need to wash with Lifebuoy Handwash for 10 seconds to be germ-free and free of this risk’, Lifebuoy teamed up with The Good Creator Co. to launch an effective influencer marketing campaign. Let’s see how this campaign unfolded.

Objective: Boost awareness about the importance of handwashing in children

With the name that literally means the brand saves lives, the brand has grown almost as a household necessity over the decades since 1894. Intending to boost product awareness among children, the brand opted for influencer marketing with The Good Creator Co. Let’s find out more about the strategy and results of this campaign.

Strategy: Parenting done right with the 10-second handwashing rule. #Reels

The brand’s target audience is adult consumers with the power of influencing children. Therefore, influencers from the parenting category were selected for this campaign.

A self-shot one-take video format worked well since it looked more natural and organic than a produced video. In addition, a strong message involving a child’s health and hygiene, coming straight from the mom and dad celebs, garnered positive sentiments for the brand, especially with the videos focusing on the 10-second handwashing rule.

Result: 11 influencers engaged 4 million people, delivering on the promise of product awareness

With 11 influencers and 11 reels, and 1 branded editorial, this campaign reached and engaged millions. Your brand can be next. Make the wise choice with The Good Creator Co. Reach out to us here and launch a trendy campaign.