MyFitness Ignites Social Media with Hrithik Roshan’s Star Appeal  

MyFitness Ignites Social Media with Hrithik Roshan’s Star Appeal  

Once upon a time in the vibrant world of fitness and nutrition, MyFitness decided to revolutionize its product line by introducing a delectable Peanut Butter range. 


Aware of the fierce market competition, MyFitness aimed to create a buzz that would resonate with health enthusiasts and foodies alike. And of course, to amplify sales of the new product range.


To set the stage, they collaborated with none other than Bollywood’s fitness icon, Hrithik Roshan. The brand leveraged Hrithik’s charisma to create an engaging video that highlighted the goodness and versatility of their new Peanut Butter range. 

With the stage set and the video ready, MyFitness strategically launched the campaign across various social media platforms. Smartly, they joined hands with The Good Creator Co. and turned to influencer amplification as a cost-effective strategy to further promote the whole game. Over 134 influencers, ranging from fitness enthusiasts to lifestyle bloggers, were roped in to repost the video on their Instagram feeds which reached out to the right audience in a jiffy. 


The response was nothing short of spectacular. The influencers, captivated by Hrithik Roshan’s endorsement and the product’s appeal, enthusiastically shared the video with their followers. The ripple effect was felt across social media, as the brand video gained momentum and reached a staggering social media reach of 300K+ with 408.9K reel plays and an engagement rate of 9.54%. 

What’s even more impressive was the cost-effectiveness of the campaign. MyFitness managed to achieve a remarkable Cost per Reach (CPR) of Rs 0.17 with the help of GCC’s influencer amplification campaign. This not only highlighted the efficiency of their marketing strategy but also demonstrated the powerful impact of influencer amplification when coupled with a strong celebrity endorsement.

The campaign’s success wasn’t just measured in numbers but in the genuine intrigue it generated for the new Peanut Butter range. MyFitness had successfully positioned itself as a brand that not only understands the pulse of its audience but also knows how to create excitement around a product.

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