MyGlamm uproared and scaled its product launch

MyGlamm uproared and scaled its product launch


MyGlamm joined hands with The Good Creator Co. to elevate the introduction of their latest makeup product, “Pose,” within the beauty enthusiast community.


The success of any campaign is its relatability to the viewers. Keep it authentic and genuine for your audience to relate to it. MyGlamm did the same thing. Before buying any product, people want to see the quality of it. The brand created a video for the campaign that subtly integrated the answer for the most asked lip colour of all times used by celebrities and the answer to all was one – MyGlamm Pose. 

The campaign aimed to receive the maximum number of shares on the video to amplify the reach of the campaign. More than 470 creators from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niche reshared the video on their Instagram accounts increasing the reach of the campaign. This helped in targeting the right audience in an instant with a minimum budget of Rs.50,000


The campaign captured the attention of the audience. The results were amazing that achieved the target of the campaign within a few hours of the launch. This positively affected the response to the product launch. It reached more than 290K viewers and the Cost per Reach/Result was Rs.0.17 with the help of The Good Creator Co.’s Amplification Campaign that focused on amplifying the reach and reaching the right audience. 

The triumph of the campaign wasn’t solely quantified by metrics but by the authentic curiosity, it sparked for the new MyGlamm Lipstick. If you aspire to achieve similar extraordinary success for your campaign, reach out to us today!