Organic Harvest Products disrupted the International Market

Organic Harvest  Products disrupted the International Market

About the brand: 

In an environmentally conscious time, Organic Harvest is the brand that provides a full line of organic skincare, haircare, body care, and essential oils. Some of its unique features include delivering vegan, gluten-free products free of hazardous chemicals. These products are specially created using ingredients and raw materials that have received certification from international organisations like EcoCert, OneCert, and Natrue. Organic Harvest and The Good Creator Co. launched an influencer marketing campaign to spread the organic message to people across. Let’s have a look at it –

Objective: Creating brand awareness for Organic Harvest as the premium brand in the market and drive people to their nearby stores

Organic Harvest wanted to spread its roots to the Nepalese market, and what better way than an influencer campaign that can drive millions of people at once. The objective was aimed towards creating brand awareness for Organic Harvest as a premium brand. Two platforms, Instagram and TikTok, were selected to appeal to a more versatile audience. There were two challenges, launching the campaign across Tik Tok and driving people to the stores. The brand planned the launch around the time of the festival of teej, which helped the brand boost sales amongst its target audience.

Nevertheless, the campaign was a hit with a smooth execution process on both platforms that increased 30% of the footfall of these stores. 

Strategy: Launching campaign during the festivities of Teej, with videos showcasing the use of products across multiple ranges

The campaign was set to launch around the occasion of Teej, attracting attention from the targeted group. Content entailed talking directly to the influencers’ audience using videos showcasing the products in action. Such videos establish strong brand awareness in the customers’ minds while also displaying the usage of the products.

Subsequently, a mix of mid-tier and micro-influencers were onboarded. Considering the content type, each one of them created content that suited their audience the best, like Reels, videos, stories, etc., while using the products. Take a look at how beautifully this turned out –

Since the campaign’s objective was offline marketing, these videos generated curiosity. They intrigued people to reach out to the stores looking for Organic Harvest’s products.  

Furthermore, the content strategy used for TikTok was planned to keep the platform and audience in mind. These influencers created videos that best suit their audience across TikTok. The top performing videos were by Barsha Basnet, followed by Supriya Shreshtha with 1400 engagement actions on TikTok. The secret to Barsha Basnet’s maximum performance was the language she chose to convey the message. Regional content has a better rate of performance than other content.

At the same time, Sushma and Ayushma Rani were top performers across Instagram. Not to forget the hashtags that reached more than a million people across Instagram. Some hashtags to look at – #OrganicHairCare #OrganicHarvest #SwitchToOrganic #InOutOrganicShield

The end of the campaign brought about a positive perspective and outlook amongst people for the brand. Significant observations recorded – 

  1. An 8 % month-on-month sales growth
  2. An increase in a number of customers with 30% repeat customers.

After the successful completion of a festive campaign launched during Teej, Organic Harvest also plans to launch a similar campaign during Diwali. 

Results: Dual platform strategy fetched desirable numbers and drove thousands of people to the store 



And that’s how Organic Harvest established a brand presence in the Nepalese market driving footfall to the stores. Want to accomplish an offline marketing goal with an online marketing strategy? Let’s get on a call.