How Anchor (By Spotify) and the Good Creator Co. joined forces to take Podcasting to a new level

How Anchor (By Spotify) and the Good Creator Co. joined forces to take Podcasting to a new level

A partnership that got social media buzzing, it’s not every day that 2 epic platforms join hands to strengthen brand love and identity. Without a hitch, the campaign had an electrifying outcome, with a total reach of 630K, driving hundreds to explore Anchor as the reliable platform for the podcast community

Objective : Constructively create brand awareness and position Anchor as the beginner-friendly platform for podcasters.

Anchor (By Spotify) has always prided itself on beginner-friendly, ease of use and reliability of its platform. With the ever-growing popularity of podcasting, it was a match made on track when they joined hands with Good Creator Co to amp up their reach with Influencer Marketing with JBL Commercial as the rewards partner. The creativity that ensued had everyone willingly glued to their phones and headphones. 

Strategy-  Fabricate content that hypes up the podcasting community and helps them actively identify Anchor (by Spotify) as the go-to choice to start their podcasting journey

Quoting Marc Maron, “The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening…there’s nothing like that.” 

And truer words haven’t been spoken. Podcasting has created a space for itself, yet anytime someone decides to start, they get hit with questions like – ‘How do I find the right platform’, ‘How do I remain consistent’, ‘How can I reach my target audience’. This campaign was carefully framed to provide solutions to all these questions- aspiring or experienced podcaster faces. Our content strategists and creators moved mountains to connect with the audience and came up with epic results.
With careful planning and exceptionally executed strategies, Voice of Anchor was launched as a contest, providing the podcast community with the opportunity to have a thrilling, challenging experience to become India’s first Voice of Anchor. The content strategy to achieve the desired goal included multiple email campaigns to over 50K content creators across niches on Winkl (A Good Creator Co.), paid ads that reached over 100K across the country, extensive website branding and Instagram stories created by mentors like Ranveer Allahbadia, Raj Shamani, Viraj Sheth, Kandarp Relhan, RJ Vashishth and Pavan Srinath with stickers and mentions that guided viewers towards Anchor and Voice of Anchor contest. With Instagram story views ranging from 50k to 100k as captured by Instagram insights, the campaign raised the bar with 109 podcasters participating with uniquely crafted content, the wild card entries of Riddhi Deorah and Satshya Tharien  being the cherry on top.

Taleha Khan, stole the show with outstanding performance in her podcast ‘It Sey Life Tak’ and was crowned as the winner of Voice of Anchor

Starting 20th Nov 2021 till 23rd April 2022, it was indeed an unforgettable experience with 109 participants completing exhilarating missions every week, competing to be on top of the leaderboard to win goodies by Anchor and JBL Commercial. The participating community couldn’t be more grateful to Anchor as they got the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts like Ranveer Allahbadia, Raj Shamani, Viraj Sheth, Kandarp Relhan, RJ Vashishth and Pavan Srinath. Along with expert mentors from Anchor and Spotify Rituraj Singh and Avery Friedman.The highlight has been the organic promotions by winners on their social media handle with constant mentions of Anchor as the podcast platform to shine.

Result: All it took was 1 idea, 1 healthy competition and 2 brands working together to get the podcasting community happily hooked to Anchor.

An experience of a lifetime, as phrased by the participants and winners, this campaign by Anchor and Good Creator Co. achieved what it set out to do and even more. The power of Disruptive Duo  was resounding throughout this Brand Influencer Marketing Campaign. Your brand deserves the best and together we can make it happen. Why hold back? Talk to us