Vishudh collaborated with The Good Creator Co. to Target Audience for its New Summer Indian wear Collection

Vishudh collaborated with The Good Creator Co. to Target Audience for its New Summer Indian wear Collection

Vishudh came up with its trendy Indian wear collection for the summer wardrobe made for women across all age groups. How did this campaign reach millions and give them a desired result? Let’s find out.

Objective: Generate brand awareness and drive conversions to their D2C website

Vishudh is a top selling women’s ethnic brand on Myntra and other marketplaces. To strengthen its foothold in the D2C world, for this they collaborate with The Good Creator Co.

It provides you with a plethora of interesting contemporary attire for the modern woman, bridging the gap between western wear and traditional dress. They cover a wide range of occasions and events that a contemporary woman encounters on a regular basis, whether you’re in a celebratory mood or having a casual ethnic day at work.

Strategy: Vishudh leveraged 20 YouTube fashion influencers that created videos showing off the new Kurti sets

Vishudh is known for its ethnic apparel with the touch of western wear. This makes it the number one choice for many. To increase its brand awareness and put forward what it offers, an influencer marketing campaign was launched. The campaign targeted tier 1 and 2 city women who need to mold into different roles throughout the day. The campaign went live on Youtube and a total of 20 Youtube creators from across various niches/ categories like fashion, beauty, DIY, haul videos were onboarded. 

These creators were selected based on their niche, past collaborations, engagement rates and content quality and were a combination of Micro and Nano. The videos were haul videos in which they spoke about the brand, the product in focus, prices and wore the kurti sets to give the viewer an idea how the products looked. 

The Youtubers were given a purchasing link that they shared with their audience in the description box of their videos. Bonus was, anybody who purchased using this particular link, got the apparels at the lowest price. This discount could only be availed if the purchase was made from the influencer’s link. This helped Vishudh display its new collection in the most efficient way. Audiences were engaged and it gave them a real-time example of the clothes. 

Results: A wave of demand was generated for Vishudh’s products giving more than desired results 

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