Surf Excel Relied on Influencer Marketing

<strong>Surf Excel Relied on Influencer Marketing</strong>

In its stint of 60 years, Surf Excel has not only kept our clothes clean but also set a high bar for its advertising. The brand can be credited for seamlessly imprinting Daag Acche Hai in the consumers’ subconscious minds. It’s always encouraged customers to make memories without the fear of getting dirty. A novel and captivating narrative especially for parents.


With the onset of COVID-19 and consequent lockdowns, Surf Excel adapted its messaging to indoor messy play with an influencer campaign. The content tried to capture the sentiment of bringing back childhood with outdoor play as India geared up for Un-Lockdown.


As a household brand, the onus of encouraging outdoor time during a pandemic responsibly was a challenge. The messaging had to be conscientious, delicate and encouraging at the same time. Any miss and a backlash from the parent community was imminent.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, Surf Excel wanted to encourage parents to take their children to outdoor safe spaces to play and get dirty. The tagline of the campaign sums up the sentiment well. “Agar bachpan lauatne mein daag lag jaye, toh daag acche hai.” Along with this, Surf also wanted to inspire the use of a story filter they had created that indicates the amount of one-on-one time parents spent playing outdoors with their children.

The Good Creator Co. partnered with parent influencers across genres like Celebrities, Instagram Bloggers and YouTubers. Through these influencers and their kids, Surf promoted outdoor activities that kids and their parents can make time for.

Hinglish messaging helped reach out to a wider audience, despite it being a busy holiday season. Surf Excel has an instant recall value with the word “Daag.” Even without obvious branding across the content, the audience connected with the product and we saw many brand mentions in the comments, organically. That’s a testimony to Surf’s conscious and consistent advertising strategy.


The content did extremely well in numbers and garnered interest in the messaging. The target audience got inspired seeing their favourite influencers engage with their kids outdoors, safely and naturally. 

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